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Monday, November 19, 2012

Introducing the Glamorous City of Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf - Stadterhebungsmonument
Düsseldorf - Stadterhebungsmonument (Photo credit: jaime.silva)

By []Alice Rice

Dusseldorf in Germany is one of the business hubs of the region. It is famous for its fashion houses, and banking and telecommunications industries, making it one of wealthiest cities of Germany. Airline tickets to the city are plenty, with close to 200 flights to Dusseldorf every day.

The city is located on the banks of the Rhine River and during the evenings the backdrop of the lights makes the river look spectacular. Vacationers can even take a cruise of the river if they like to get a glimpse of the attractions along the banks of the river. The city is known for its nightlife. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs which tend to get crowded during the weekends.

JetBlue Airways and West Jet Airlines have some cheap international flights to the city, in addition to British Airways and US Airways. The city took a major beating during World War II. It was almost completely destroyed, but it restored soon after to its former glory. Now, it boasts of modern architecture standing alongside some old and historical buildings. The Old Town is a popular destination for its architecture. This part of the city was completely destroyed during the war, but has since been rebuilt. It is now a popular shopping district, with many cafes and roadside eateries to cater to shoppers.

The city is a popular destination to head to during Christmas. Many people visit here before Christmas to visit the number of markets set up to sell beautiful Christmas decoration. Cheap flights to Dusseldorf is a boon for vacationers, who are planning to the city during this period.

One of the other attractions here includes the Castle Square. Nothing much remains of the castle, as it was destroyed during the war. However, there is a tower still standing. It houses a museum these days. There a number of buildings around this area, though restored, but make a good place to watch the city go past.

The Old Town is converted into a bar by night. In fact, it is believed to be the longest bar in the world. No trip to the city is complete without visiting this place. The city has its own local beer, a favorite among the locals. Cheap tickets to Dusseldorf from various locations in Europe makes it a popular place to visit even during weekends, as vacationers can enjoy the dazzling nightlife of the city. The Promenade along the Rhine is a good place to be to watch the sunset and city lights at night. There is a clock here that shows the level of water in the Rhine.

The city is famous for its fashion houses. There are a number of boutiques as well as high-end fashion stores selling designer and branded wear. So the city is an excellent place to shop for branded clothes. When shopping, be sure to buy miniature bottles of Altbier, the local beer, and gift them to friends and family back home.

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Article Source: [] Introducing the Glamorous City of Dusseldorf

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