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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Venice Is the Perfect Setting for an Idyllic Italian Vacation

English: The Rialto Bridge over Venice's Grand...
English: The Rialto Bridge over Venice's Grand Canal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Adriana Thomason

Venice is a fairly large city spread over the lagoon, and a popular holiday destination. The city has witnessed some major events in the history of the nation. The different islands make up the different districts of the city, with a lot of things for visitors to explore.

The best way to explore this city, which is famous for its canals and waterways, is by foot. Vacationers can easily cover the islands in a few hours without getting exhausted or tired. There are no flights to Venice, in the literal sense. The nearest airport is in mainland, Mestre. It is a short distance from the city. British Airway, Air Canada and Air China connect this city to different international destinations. At any point of time, a water taxi, or Vaporettti as it is known locally, is the only mode of transportation to enter the city. Many times, water level rises above the streets, usually coinciding with the high tide. Raised walkways are pulled out at this time, as the high tide lasts for a few hours.

Flight tickets for cheap are available only during summer, when the weather is too hot and the waterways are breeding grounds for insects. However, do not let this put you off from visiting this magical city. While spring and fall are peak seasons, vacationers will find it hard to get affordable tickets and hotel accommodation.

There are many things to see and do around the city. Some of the options are:

- Doge's Palace, with a guided tour and wonderful roof structure is not to be missed
- Bello Tower or St. Mark offers some aerial views of Venice
- The Clock tower has a behind the scene tour to see the functioning of this astronomical clock
- The Rialto Bridge, with a market, is a popular place to pick up souvenirs
- Churches and cathedrals are scattered around the city and are must visit if you enjoy checking out architecture from different eras
- Museums with different unique exhibits, like clothes, globes and art dating back to the 18th century, can offer an insight into this city's history and past
- The Glass Museum depicting the world famous glasswork of Murano should be top of the list of the places to see
- Lace Museum of Burano will make you marvel at the intricacy with which lace makers used to make lace in days gone by

No visit to the city will be complete without a ride on a Gondola. It offers the perfect romantic setting to explorer the waterways. However, rides can be expensive. To commute from one place to the other, water taxis are a better option, for the simple reason that they offer lower fares and are faster.

One of the events popular with tourists and residents alike is the Historic Fleet Event; when there is a wonderful display of boats, oar ships and medieval vessels. There are a number of rowing championships. The other event is the Voga Longa, which is a marathon run on water. It is a 32 km race and takes around 3.5 hours to complete. Visitors to the city participate in this race just for the thrill of it. Cheap tickets to Venice are difficult to get during these annual regattas, so do your bookings early.

Cheap flights to Venice, clubbed with good packages on offer from the different hotels, make this city the perfect destination to enjoy an Italian holiday.

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