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Monday, December 10, 2012

Adventure Holidays in Croatia: From Spectacular to Amazing!

English: Adriatic Sea in Croatia - view from p...
English: Adriatic Sea in Croatia - view from point near Ston (Mali Ston) Česky: Jaderské moře v Chorvatsku vedle vesnice Ston (Mali Ston) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By []Naomi Wilson

If you're tired of the same old destinations and suffering a case of "been there, done that", check out one of the new travel trends currently growing in popularity these days: adventure holidays in Croatia! This wonderful country, founded on the ruins of the Roman Empire, is swiftly becoming an open secret for travellers tired of the usual holiday destinations.

With its mild Mediterranean climate, incredible coastline, spectacular islands, amazing mountainous ranges, scenic national parks, as well as charming cities and towns awash with history and culture - adventure holidays in Croatia are never boring! Whether you're just off on a weekend break or planning on a longer visit, you'll definitely find many exciting things to do. Here are just a few of the amazing activities you can enjoy.

Walking the Walls Of Dubrovnic

This marvelous city, popularly referred to as the Pearl of the Adriatic, is considered such a gem that it has been named a UNESCO heritage site. What could be more inspiring than walking the high city walls built to protect it from its enemies, losing yourself in the history while being amazed by spectacular views on all sides? To the south are the electric blue waters of the Adriatic, while the north presents charming views of romantic, red-roofed cottages with quaint balconies. A walk on the walls is definitely a great way to warm up your adventure holidays in Croatia! Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes, however, as the walls are two kilometres in total.

Island Hopping Off the Dalmatian Coast

With over 1000 spectacular islands off the coast of Croatia, there are a great number of beaches (from family-friendly to nude) to explore, whether for picnics or just lounging around sunbathing. There are also ample opportunities for more strenuous activities like diving, snorkeling, sailing and more. Spend an extra day and you can enjoy adventure trails that snake throughout the area doing some hiking and climbing as well. It's the perfect spot for adding the adventure into your adventure holidays. In Croatia, there's always something new to discover around every corner.

Mountain Biking/Cycling

For those whose interests run to the two-wheeled kind, adventure holidays in Croatia offer a great many opportunities for bike riding on spectacular trails and paths. One of the favourite biking spots is Mljet National Park. This park sits in the midst of a lush, green setting where one can enjoy the unspoilt beauty of nature, complete with dense forests and two interconnected saltwater lakes. And that's just one location; there are countless more in the different islands, towns and mountains, especially in Istria where many tour specialists offer intensive mountain biking tours.

Those, of course, are only three of the many possibilities for adventure holidays in Croatia, and just a taste of the bigger and better list of activities available in this delightful holiday destination. Discover the magic of a short haul adventure tour in this magical land - and find yourself coming back for more.

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