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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top Must See Attractions in Fabulous Florence

English: Photograph of Ponte Vecchio at night....
English: Photograph of Ponte Vecchio at night. Florence, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Giovanni Balboni

Florence must surely be one of the most famous cities in all of Tuscany. Villas here offer you the opportunity to stay in one of the region's most renowned cities, offering classic sights wherever you look.

While it is hard to narrow down the best sights Florence has to offer, we've tried to do just that. Here's a taste of what you can look forward to when you are in Florence.

Il Duomo
Duomo means cathedral, and this cathedral is just about the most famous in Florence, Tuscany. Villas [even the grandest] would be dwarfed next to the sheer grandeur of this incredible architectural achievement. Its creation was no mean feat, however, and it took well over a hundred years to go from building it to finally consecrating it for use. The climb to the top is a challenge destined only for the fittest, since there are an incredible 463 steps to struggle up. However if you do make it the views are reward enough for your efforts. Even its proper name - Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore - is majestic and impressive.

Ponte Vecchio
Possibly one of the most photographed bridges in the world, it is certainly the most famous bridge in Tuscany. Villas either in the city centre itself or on the outlying hills will put you within easy access to see it for yourself. It was built as the original way for traders and locals to cross the Arno River that cuts the city in two. Today, there are still many small jewellery shops perched across the length of the bridge plying their wares to mainly tourists.

The Boboli Gardens
There is a lot to be said for spending time in the outdoors when you are in Tuscany. Villas and museums afford you the luxury of relaxing indoors for a while, but when you are in the Florence you should spend time sampling the delights of the Boboli Garden. Otherwise known locally as the Giardino di Boboli, the gardens are just as impressive as the Pitti Palace they are secreted behind. You can take time to visit the palace as well if you wish, but a visit to the gardens alone is well worth the trip. If the weather is good it is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic. The gardens are dotted variously with sculptures, fountains and wonderfully manicured trees and shrubs.

Florence is one of the true jewels of Tuscany and these suggestions just scratch the surface of the delights waiting to unfold. It would be impossible to list them all, such is the charm of this particular city.

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