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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Walking Routes in Sicily

English: The Aeolian Islands: standing on Vulc...
English: The Aeolian Islands: standing on Vulcano, Lipari in the middle, Salina at the left, Panarea at the right. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Tony Maniscalco

While Sicily is perhaps best known for the quality of its cuisine and historical monuments, it definitely deserves mention as a destination for walking holidays. Hikers looking for a physical challenge are encouraged to head to the awe inspiring mountains, while those with an interest in flora and fauna can make their way along the pretty nature trails. This article highlights a few of the routes that are well worth exploring.

Castle Rock Of Cefalu
After taking a walk through the distinctly Mediterranean and religiously significant district of Cefalu you will have the opportunity to take in the sights from a great limestone headland. You may want to spend some time watching the ocean waves and the sea birds that fly overhead before entering the mysterious caves, where a variety of religious artefacts have been discovered.

Monte Macabubbo
From high up on the mountain of Macabubbo you can observe the charming village of Gratteri and the faraway region of Madonie. You might even be able to spot the luxury hotel that acts as the base for your Sicilian walking holidays. Along the popular circular route you will come across a traditional shepherd's hut, colourful prickly pear trees and an abundance of wild flowers. It is advisable to wear some tough walking shoes as the ground on this walk is rough and rocky in places.

From Sant'Alessio to Savoca
Anybody with an interest in Sicilian history should incorporate this route as part of their walking holidays in the Mediterranean. It starts off at the pretty beach of Sant'Alessio, which is popular among European sun worshippers. From here you follow the torrent Agro and eventually cross a wooden bridge. Finally you'll come to the church of Saints Peter and Paul, which stands as a fine example of Byzantine architecture. After a tour of the religious building you should head to Savoca for some delicious restaurant cuisine.

Mount Etna
Your Sicilian walking holidays just won't seem complete unless you've hiked up Mount Etna. There are a number of local guides who can show you the way and recount fascinating stories about the eruptions that have occurred over the centuries. You can rest assured that the volcano is regarded as safe by leading experts. However, it is advisable to wear jackets and sturdy walking boots as the walk is challenging and sometimes blighted by rain.

Aeolian Islands
If you're particularly fascinated by volcanoes, the Sicilian Islands Lipari, Vulcano and Stromboli are certainly worth visiting. You might even take a night hike in the company of a local expert who will ensure your safety. After the lengthy descent you might be in the mood for a refreshing beverage or bite to eat at one of the popular local dining establishments.

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