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Thursday, February 14, 2013

City of Romeo and Juliet

Italiano: Collage di varie foto di Verona
Italiano: Collage di varie foto di Verona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Verona is sited in Italy's Veneto quarter between Venice and Milan. Shakespeare's well-known tragedy, the celebrated Romeo and Juliet was set in this city. This city of romance also boasts of numerous historic structures including the famous Roman Arena.

Verona Tourist Guide

Catullo Airport is the nearest airport from Verona operating budget flights from cities like Dublin, Brussels, Paris and London. Venice's Marco Polo Airport provides another option to reach Verona by plane. Verona Porta Nuova train station is connected to Milan, Venice and Munich via Euro City trains. For local transportation City bus service offers frequent bus services from Porta Nuova rail station.

Holiday in Verona

The fabulous medieval Verona had once inspired Shakespeare to set his play, Romeo and Juliet, in this city. Today Verona's most famous attraction, Juliet's House, attracts somewhere around half a million visitors every year. In fact Verona is Italy's 4th most visited holiday destination. Holiday in Verona is much relaxing and peaceful and has lots to offer. One can't miss the world-class opera performance during the Opera Festival in the pink marble Arena - Roman Arena di Verona. Piazza delle Erbe sited in the middle of Verona's historic quarter is encircled by wonderful medieval structures, towers and buildings and several cafes.

Attractions in Verona

Verona boasts of numerous Roman ruins that have been preserved offering great historical heritage. Right from the medieval age to the renaissance periods, Verona offers Churches, castles and art museums.

Arena is a massive and wonderful Roman amphitheatre where performances are still held. This elliptical theatre is world's third largest surviving amphitheatre. Above this amphitheatre is the Archaeological Museum displaying Roman mosaics, sculptures and inscriptions.

Castell San Pietro sited across the Peter Bridge on the hills was once an Austrian barracks and provides spectacular views.

Lamberti Tower provides fantastic views of Verona city and the surrounding areas.

Juliet's House is among the most visited Attractions in Verona. The balcony of this house is a very popular spot. This 13th century Gothic architectural building has a museum that includes Juliet's bronze statue.

Sightseeing in Verona

You can visit the Piazza Bra which is a vast piazza where the famous Roman Arena and Palazzo Municipale are sited on one side. On the other side you can explore numerous cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy wines or gelato ice cream. You can catch some awe-inspiring views from S. Maria Lourdes Sanctuary which is located on the hill.

Accommodation in Verona

Verona is hot tourist destination hence it offers multiple accommodation options that includes the luxurious hotels along with some B&B establishments and holiday farms. Near the town centre you can find some youth hostels and a campsite by the name of Campeggio Castel San Pietro which offers relaxing, low budget sleep options including the cabins and tents.

Hotel Accademia is set in a 16th century mansion sited close to the Roman Arena and other city attractions. This 4-star hotel offers internet, parking facility and all contemporary services that includes a bar and restaurant.
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