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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Top 3 Best Places to Stay in Sicily: Where to Book Your Accommodation

Top 3 Best Places to Stay in Sicily: Where to Book Your Accommodation
By Giorgia Di Mattei
The good weather, the stunning seascapes and the warm people make Sicily the perfect destination for pleasant and relaxing holidays. All around the island, there are a lot of heavenly spots, but with this little guide you'll be sure to choose among the best places to stay in Sicily.
Opt for the place that better matches with your ideal holiday and enjoy your stay!
1. Surrounded by nature in Cefal�
Nature lovers get ready to have a trip around the best landscapes ever. If you want to enjoy the wonders of both the sea and the mountain, one of the best places to stay in Sicily is Cefal�.
This small seaside village is at about 10 miles from the park of Madonie where you can go trekking or birdwatching, among the lush paths of the reserve. Have a bath among the stacks in the bay of Cefal�, just below the promontory of the Rocca, or enjoy the naturist beach enclosed in the gorges of Tiberio, near San Mauro Castelverde.
2. Enjoy art in Syracuse
If you are interested in history and art, the best places to stay in Sicily are those in the surroundings of Syracuse. The whole area has a lot of Greek archaeological sites and many examples of Baroque buildings. Have a walk around the ancient amphitheatre in Syracuse and visit the Cathedral in Noto, inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO, and take a picture to the famous 'Orecchio di Dioniso' (Dionysus's ear) in Ortigia.
If you love chocolate, do not miss Modica, near the southernmost point in the island. You will enjoy art while trying some of the finest chocolate in Italy.
3. A tasty trip to Palermo
Sicily is really famous also for its tasty culinary art. You can have really delightful food experience all around the island, but probably one of the best places to stay in Sicily where you can try several kinds of street food is Palermo. Taste panelle, crocch�, stigghiola, milza and arancine, and don't forget to have also a sweet cannolo with ricotta cheese and chocolate before leaving.
Let the charm of food street attract you or choose one of the several food and wine tours organized by many associations that work for the promotion of local products and traditional cuisine. Try to spend a day in a real Sicilian atmosphere, surrounded by warm people during one of the several festivals.
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