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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chianti - Not Only for Wine Connoisseurs

Chianti - Not Only for Wine Connoisseurs
By Giovanni Balboni
Chianti, in Tuscany, is not all just about their famous wine. The area brims with natural, breath-taking beauty that can be enjoyed even if you're just lounging around in Tuscany. Villa accommodation is abundant in the region, and if you heed these following tips you'll be able to savour your stay all the more.
Wine Tasting
It's safe to say that when people speak of Chianti, foremost on their minds is the region's famous wine from this region of Tuscany. Villa accommodation where you're staying may even have stocks of the good old Chianti Classico. So if you happen to be in the region specifically to see and taste where these famous wines are produced, you should know that wine tasting in Italy slightly differs than that in, say, the US. Basically, things are much slower here than how they do it in California. That's why if you're spending the day tasting wines, it pays to have a little strategy. For example, you should start by deciding which wine producer you like best. To begin with, it's always safe to choose the wines of the Chianti Classico region. Moreover, it is also not very wise to choose more than three wineries-as we've said, things are slower here, and you'll enjoy the experience better by savouring the taste and the moment.
Natural Beauty
Chianti's physical treasures-its gentle hills and the fact that it is surrounded by the more 'artsy' cities-can literally take your breath away, especially if your Tuscany villa happens to be perched on a low hill overlooking a vineyard. One tip: stand on a hill and see if the olive trees, the well-arranged geometry of the vineyards, the winding roads lined with a phalanx of old cypress trees, and the woods bordered with yellow broom do not, in fact, make you sigh deeply. Chianti has the kind of beauty artists love immortalising on canvas, and it helps that it is actually 'the heart of Tuscany'-making the rest of the region's equally enticing destinations within easy reach. Chianti's quaint charm, accentuated by its winding roads that snake through little soporific villages and the larger communities, encourage visitors to explore and willingly get lost.
The Old World Towns
Make no mistake about it, Italy is a beautiful country. But even then, only very few regions can claim to have the sheer richness of Chianti's panorama. Aside from its undulating landscape exploding with colour, the region is dotted with old towns that hark back to a more innocent time in Tuscany. Villa accommodation is often located in such a town.
Chianti's ancient walled villages offer the tourist not only a memorable experience, but also an educational and cultural one. The lively town of Greve, for instance, has a peculiar piazza that has seen gatherings and events in the past centuries and offers many shops and dining places to sample the region's famous wine and food. There's also Panzano, Radda and Castellina, and before you know it, you'll be in love! You won't want to leave the region's embrace.
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