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Monday, December 9, 2013

Florence, Italy- Historic, Romantic and Timeless

Banks of the Arno, seen from the Ponte Vecchio...
Banks of the Arno, seen from the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), Florence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Santa Croce
Santa Croce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Typical houses by the river of the Arno, Flore...
Typical houses by the river of the Arno, Florence, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Garden Folly in the Boboli Gardens, Florence. ...
Garden Folly in the Boboli Gardens, Florence. Now the Pitti Palace porcelaine Museum. Photographed by Giano who releases all rights into the public domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Coat of Arms of Florence, Italy, trac...
English: Coat of Arms of Florence, Italy, traced off of File:Firenze-Stemma.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: View of Florence from Piazzale Michel...
English: View of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo: Arno River, Palazzo Vecchio, Santa Maria del Fiore, Ponte Vecchio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Glenn Aitelli

If you haven't been to Florence, Italy, you are missing out on one of the most beautiful masterpieces in the world, quite literally.  Florence was home to many famous artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci and contains some of the world's most beautifully designed buildings and landmarks.

The panoramic views from Boboli Gardens or Piazzale Michelangelo offer breathtaking views of the city of Florence and the mountainous surrounding landscape.  Piazzale Michelangelo is a tribute to Florence's favorite son and has a copy of the David in the center of the Piazza. You can take a picnic lunch and enjoy the serene beauty of the River Arno and the four bridges that cross it.

Tuscany is famous for its wonderful wines and cuisine. The restaurants, markets and bars of Florence will showcase all that is unique to this area in a delicious smorgasbord of flavors, aromas and complexity.

Florence is also known for Cathedrals, Basilicas and Museums, which house some of the most famous works of the Renaissance period and everything through modern day.

Michelangelo's tomb is in Santa Croce basilica, the Medici Chapel houses the Medici royal family tombs and many of the other cathedrals also hold the tombs of some of the most famous Florentine artists and royalty. The Duomo and the Giotto Bell Tower are famous landmarks of Florence that you can see from almost anywhere in town.

You can climb to the top of the Giotto Bell tower and stare straight across at the red dome of the Duomo, another famous landmark. You must visit the Piazzas, which host some fun events such as the Chocolatiers Fair or the Calcio Storico which is a wild, almost modern day gladiatorial contest between two teams combining rugby, soccer and wrestling. It is held annually at the Piazza Santa Croce between June 24-28. Also located in Piazza Santa Croce are leather shops that offer fine authentic Italian leather goods.

You can tour the Accademia, The Uffizi, and Bargello or some of the palaces that also house museums such as the Pitti Palace, which has several different galleries.

The Boboli Gardens which were originally built for royalty, have fascinating fountains and statuary, along with Grottos and an amphitheatre.  You can stroll the trails that wind along the bluffs of the River Arno and get away from the crowds.

Many people visit multiple historic landmarks in a day but you will get much more out of your trip if you take your time and do just one per day.  The Ponte Vecchio Bridge is a historic landmark that is lined with shops, and the Vasari corridor goes across the River Arno on the upper level of the bridge.  The bridge connects the Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens to the town center of Florence.

You will be able to feel the greatness of its past citizens as you marvel at the detail of the original sculptures that are everywhere you go. Besides containing some of the world's most treasured works of art and architecture, Florence is truly a magical place that stands the test of time with its ambiance and beauty. is owned and operated by Glenn and Jeanne Aitelli. We have traveled extensively throughout Europe but our passion is Italy. Both of us are graduates of the International Tour Management Institute in San Francisco and we are both certified Tour Directors. It is our hope that our site will not only help you plan your trip but enhance it.

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