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Monday, December 23, 2013

The UK's Top 5 Tourist Destinations

English: Glasgow Necropolis; view of the city ...
English: Glasgow Necropolis; view of the city beyond. Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Downtown Edinburgh
Downtown Edinburgh (Photo credit: Extra Medium)
English: Glasgow Necropolis; view of the city ...
English: Glasgow Necropolis; view of the city beyond. Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The City of London skyline as viewed ...
English: The City of London skyline as viewed toward the north-west from the top floor viewing platform of London City Hall on the southern side of the Thames. In the foreground: Dixie Queen and Millennium Time at Tower Millennium Pier. This is a 5 segment panoramic image taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Glasgow Tolbooth Steeple, Trongate, G...
English: Glasgow Tolbooth Steeple, Trongate, Glasgow Cross, City of Glasgow, Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Linda Hurren

The UK is one of the most popular destinations for the world's tourists and within this small island are many great towns and cities that prove massively enriching for all those who travel here.

We cover here the top five most popular cities with tourists and at number one there is no real surprise.

England's capital city, London, is the most visited by a great distance. It is in fact one of the world's most popular places with tourists, not least because of the huge and diverse mix of culture, history and entertainment on display. It is a world leader in the arts and has an abundance of different destinations. One cannot begin to list the various places as they are simply too vast.

London offers tourists so much from markets to green parks, classical architecture, modern bars and clubs and so much more. Holding nearly 8 million people, the capital is a rich tapestry of different cultures and will appeal to all who travel there. It is a wealthy place, a friendly place and somewhere where there is always something new to explore and do.

Number two in the list is the capital of Scotland: Edinburgh. An ancient and fascinating city, Edinburgh is now truly cosmopolitan and encompasses everything a great city should have. From its beautiful castle to the world famous comedy festival, Edinburgh has an atmosphere all of its own. The people who live there are famously friendly and the street parties they hold are the stuff of legend. Being a university city, Edinburgh is always lively and buzzing with a toxic energy.

Third most popular with tourists on the list is Manchester. Again, it classically juxtaposes the old with the contemporary and this makes it fascinating for any visitor. With stunning architecture, great shops, libraries and theatres, Manchester is a truly global city. Manchester has seen a great deal of restructuring since the mid 1990's and as such, is a place that feels current and exciting. Tourists are spoilt for choice, and given its far more compact size to London; it doesn't feel as overwhelming to the visitor.

Often cited as Britain's second city, Birmingham is the fourth most popular tourist destination. It is a truly multi-ethnic city and boasts numerous world class arts centres and top of the range shopping facilities. Birmingham is rich with music and fun and appeals to all age groups.

The fifth most popular city is Glasgow, Scotland's largest. The former European Capital of Culture, Glasgow is a place of awesome beauty, and contains so much to see and do. Noted for its music scene, clubs and comedy, Glasgow will always be a great place to visit.

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