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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Destination Weddings

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Destination Weddings Give Couples "More Bang for Their Buck"

Money is tight in a waning economy, making a Caribbean wedding seem like a pipe dream, right? 'Not so fast' is the general consensus of destination wedding planners. While a ceremony in Jamaica may sound cost-prohibitive, consider that the very makeup of these far-away weddings can actually save the happy couple considerable sums of money. For example, there is no need to rent venues for the big day that will accommodate hundreds of guests - most of whom the couple may not know personally. Cutting down on the guest list and eliminating the need for costly venue rentals are actually the hallmarks of the destination wedding. Planners point out that it is this feature that translates into more service for far less money.

Marriages, specifically those in a far off location - can be far more memorable for the couple than the normal celebration called to mind by most of us. Cookie cutter celebrations - timed perfectly to make room for the next couple's setup at the church and reception hall - require ample funds but truly do not provide as much enjoyment as the couple deserves on their special day. It actually makes sense to handpick the closest friends and family members that would make the nuptial celebration complete, invite them to an amazing location, revel in the backdrop of an azure ocean and gently swaying palm fronds as vows are exchanged, and then seamlessly switch from bride and groom to honeymooning couple.

Choosing a destination (wedding planners specializing in this kind of celebration can help), creating a guest list and then evaluating the available budget all make sense for the couple ready to leave the status quo behind. Of course, there is the potential for pitfalls. Foreign locales have their own rules when it comes to entering into legal marriages. Paperwork that might be foreign to the couple must be filed with plenty of time to spare, so as to ensure that no last-minute snags hold up the marriage ceremony.

In addition, making arrangements for flowers, the cake, a dinner or buffet and of course travel accommodations is all done long-distance. It is this very potential for miscommunication that makes the big day outside the country somewhat worrisome for many couples.

There is no need to worry; destination wedding planners generally limit their businesses to locales in which they are well-versed in the idiosyncrasies and customs. These industry insiders very likely already have some professional contacts in place. This ensures that even for weddings in Jamaica or other locations in the Caribbean, the brides and grooms can purchase decorations as well as the other odds and ends sight-unseen without fretting. In fact, wedding planners who have been in the business for any period of time usually have a number of packages available from which clients may choose. This ensures that each couple gets a wedding experience suited to their budget and expectations - no cookie cutters allowed.

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