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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cheap Flights Are Not Hard To Find

Cheap flights are not that hard to come by. Here are some strategies that will lead to results in getting cheap airline tickets. First, if you are planning for a holiday or even a business trip then try booking as early as possible. The airline will always want to sell their tickets as fast as possible and not having to worry about unsold tickets. This is the reason tickets are offered at fraction of their regular price. Air fares are very volatile. The fares are determined by various combinations of factors. A day before or a day after your scheduled day of travel can mean a great difference in your fare. So it becomes very important to search for your cheap flights with a lot of flexibility as it relates to your travel dates. Try flying at odd hours. Most travelers don't prefer to travel at odd times of the day but if it is going to lead to hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars saved then consider the odd hour flight.

If you are going on a vacation or a business trip choose round trip tickets instead of one way tickets. A round trip seat is much cheaper than two one way trips. Try choosing nearby airports to the main local airport for either departure or arrival. Smaller and less busy airports collect less tax on the airlines and thus the fares have a tendency to be less expensive compared to the major airports. Taking advantage of a situation legally is not sin. If you have a special status gives an edge over others to get big discounts why not use it. Many airlines give special consideration on the fare for students, senior citizens, defense personnel, sports person, disabled or differently labeled individuals and veterans. If you are one of them why not take advantage of it.

Usually the holiday season is the most expensive time to fly. Try planning your trip for slower air travel season. By doing this you will not be charged the premium caused by the demand. Airlines would never want to take off with empty seats. They would rather sell those seats for fraction of the regular fare. So at the last minute the airline will lower their fares to attract travelers to book on these flights which have no takers. This can be an opportunity for people who are looking for cheap flights. If you are a frequent flier than try booking your tickets with the airlines frequent flier program where you can acquire points as you travel and you could even fly for free after acquiring some specified number of points.

Always remember it pays to shop around. Surf the net at different travel sites and compare different prices. I know many intelligent people who just go up to the airline counter and order the available ticket. The approach of showing up at airport and buying an airline ticket on the spot is the worst and most expensive approach. Follow this tips and hints and rest assured you will acquire many savings and discounts on airline ticket purchases.

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