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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rome - The Heart of Italy

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By Pollux Parker

When people are asked which place they want to spend their vacation in in Italy, overwhelmingly, they choose Rome. They seem to be intrigued with the complex and intricate culture of its people, and how magnificent the place was, showing epics of lost empires over time. Rome, the capital of Italy, offers architectural heirlooms, museums, and churches that you won't seem to get enough of. One visit to this place and you will surely get hooked. Its people embrace the romanticism and spirituality of the city.

Because of its history and culture, Rome has a lot of things to offer. But there are five things you should never miss when in this beautiful place as it surely gives you a glimpse of the past:

1. The Pantheon or the temple of Gods is dedicated to the Gods of Olympus. It is one of the many places tourists go to in Rome, mainly because of its architectural design. It remains as a church today that holds tombs of known artist Raphael and Italy's first king. You will find the Piazza Della Rotonda where young folks meet in the evening.
2. Explore Rome's famous Colosseum inside and out and bring out the gladiator in you. Connect yourself to its past: the story of glorious battles between gladiators, slaves, prisoners and even wild animals of the early centuries.
3. Visit the Trevi fountain and toss some coins and make a wish. This is one of the most visited places, so expect serious crowds surrounding the place, especially on peak season. You can skip the chaos as you sit and relax while watching people from all over the world do the same coin-tossing ritual.
4. Indulge yourself to Italian dishes and find your way to some of Rome's most popular restaurants like the Ponte Milvio, Trattoria Maccheroni, Roscioli and Monte Carlo. If you want great pizza and bread, the best of wines and other delectable Italian dishes, try any of these local restaurants to experience Rome.
5. Get a Tour of the Vatican City. Almost all Catholics dream of getting to Rome to visit Vatican and join an audience with the Pope. After which, you could explore St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. Italy seems to be attuned to its religiosity that even the Italian flag has its religious interpretation: green represents hope; white represents faith; and red represents charity.

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