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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Love Touring Rome, Italy - Hotels In The Parioli District

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The Parioli-Auditorium district of northern Rome is partly bordered by the winding Tiber River. Parioli is an upper class neighborhood which owes its name to the pear orchards that have long since disappeared. Just so you know, this district was a favorite of Mussolini's bigwigs during his heyday. This is embassy country and so offers international schools. The district also hosts Rome's Islamic Cultural Center and a major Mosque, which should be viewed from the interior. The Rome Parco della Musica (Auditorium) was completed in 2002. This spectacular complex includes recording studios, restaurants, bars, shops, libraries, and museums. The Ponte Milvio is one of Rome's oldest bridges; first rebuilt in 109 B. C. Make sure to see the mid-Sixteenth Century Saint Andrea in Via Flaminia Church. For your convenience we have listed neighborhood hotels in approximate order of cost, starting with the least expensive. We have personally verified the bed and breakfast and all hotel websites making sure that they include English-language pages.

Suite Oriani is a bed and breakfast whose building was designed by a well-known Italian architect in 1929. Unlike most hotels, free open-air parking is available on reservation. The rooms are furnished with antiques in this non-smoking property. According to their web site one breakfast beverage option is weak American-style coffee. They offer a choice of Italian or international breakfast. The address is Via Barnaba Oriani, 92 - 00197 - Rome.

Hotel Delle Muse is a recently renovated three-star hotel in the northern part of Parioli. It is located fairly close to the Auditorium. Its prices vary quite a bit according to the calendar; plan your visit ahead if possible. There is a courtyard, a bar, and a restaurant that serves many vegetarian specialties. Summer means dining in the garden should you so wish. Their meeting room can accommodate a maximum of 40 people. The hotel offers 58 rooms including triples and quads. The address is Via Tommaso Salvini, 18 - 00197 - Rome.

The Grand Hotel Ritz provides two restaurants and two bars. Its conference center includes 7 meeting rooms; it can host congresses with up to 1000 guests. There are 127 rooms and 15 suites that all provide foreign language satellite television. There are no non-smoking rooms. The address is Via Chelini, 41 - 00197 - Rome.

The Duke Hotel has 64 rooms including 4 rooms that are equipped for the disabled. There are 5 types of suites. Hotel facilities include a reading room, two bars and a restaurant, a conference room, and a meeting room. There is a non-smoking floor. Should you so desire, they serve a traditional English Afternoon Tea. They offer a Wellness Center with a personal trainer and a personal jogger. The address is Via Archimede, 69 - 00197 - Rome.


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