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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Holidays in Alsace, France

Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg tour which was par...Image via WikipediaBy Phil Hanlon
Alsace is one of the most industrialized regions in France. Historically, this province was used by the Romans for viticulture. Currently situated at the junction between France and Germany this happens to be a bilingual and multicultural region which distinct local identity. Owing to its strategic location, this has become a powerhouse of pan European business development. This part of France has one of the best standards of living with a strong per capita GDP. Apart from being a modern and development oriented the Alsace also has a long historical background.

Place for Holiday and Leisure

Alsace presents a varied form of leisure as well as adventure activity. It has seven high quality green golf courses on offer for the lovers of this sport. Those with explorer's spirit would undoubtedly enjoy cycle rides across various landscapes. Evenings can be best spent in the neighboring theaters or enjoying cabaret and gambles at local casinos. The luxurious spas across hills and forests offer super quality health and beauty treatments for its visitors. It is an idyllic way to rejuvenate your spirit and sense of well being.

Adventure and Sports

The Vosges Mountains gives the adventurous a perfect recipe for escapade though a series of airborne sports like hang gliding, Paragliding, and parachuting. Discovering the changing landscapes and beautiful natural spots by mountain biking and cycling is a favorite way pastime during family holidays. Alsace plays host to a lot of different kind winter sports activity owing to its 11 different ski resorts

History and culture

For those with an interest in heritage and culture, the Alsace has lots to offer. Ranging from pre history to modern arts, the 250 museums spread across the region is a treat for history lovers. The region of Alsace has had a turbulent history marked by wars of different kingdoms. The sheer number of feudal castles stands testimony to the ages of warfare witnessed by Alsace. This area has the highest concentration of castles in whole of Europe. Haut Koenigsbourg castle happens to be most visited and highly popular among local as well as international tourists.

Vineyards and culinary delights

Alsace is a heaven for wine and food lovers. Traditional Alsatian festivities offer perfect way to enjoy various culinary specialties in their entire customary splendor. Be it the apple pie or the famous bredele Christmas cakes, or traditional Alsatian sauerkraut, it is well known for its startling range of modern and traditional cuisines. The vineyards of Alsace present a wide range of flavored wines, which can surprise the taste buds with its enchanting variety.

Alsace thus amalgamates history with modern industrialization offering its visitor a delightful time on all levels.

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