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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vacation Photos - How to Take Better Pictures of Your Trip

Have you ever gone on a vacation and the pictures just didn't turn out? This is a common issue with vacation photographs - often times we're so focused on documenting the trip that we fail to think as photographers and end up with a stack of pictures instead of photographs. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to take better pictures the next time you go on vacation.

Composition is King

No matter what you're taking photos of, the basic rules of composition still apply. Focus on properly composing your pictures and looking for unique angles and the best options for exposure time and intensity. Every picture helps tell part of your vacation's story so figure out what you want each picture to tell and you'll end up with a much more cohesive photo storybook.

And also be careful of taking just people pictures otherwise you'll miss out on capturing the beauty of the scenery or landmarks. Although you do want pictures of everyone experiencing the vacation, make sure to also take some pictures without family members so you can enjoy just the scenery or landscapes too. A good way to go about this is to take a couple of photos of your family, then try and take a few "serious" photographs of your environment. This is really easy with a digital camera because you can take almost an endless amount of photos at little cost unlike film cameras.

Catching it All

Your vacation starts in your home, not on the beach. It can be a lot of fun to take pictures from the very beginning of your trip like packing your bags and loading the car so you can share the entire story of your trip. Some of these "preparation pictures" may not seem like much but it can really add to telling the whole story of your vacation.

Another thing to remember is you should continue shooting even if your vacation takes a turn for the worse. No matter how your vacation turns out, your camera is a fun way to document your trip for all to remember. While vacations-gone-wrong are not fun to deal with while they're happening, they're often some of the best stories and fondest memories a family has together. For example, if you had a crazy adventure with wild weather, it's always fun to be able to share your story through pictures to be able to show what you experienced. Although your vacation may not have gone like you expected, you'll at least be able to look back on you pictures with a smile.

And lastly, make sure that everyone on your vacation has a way to take pictures. If you have children, grab a couple of disposable cameras and allow the kids to document their own experiences from their perspective. This makes a fun way to get everyone involved and can lead to some interesting pictures. By doing this it also makes your pictures more meaningful and unique because you can get everyone's perspective on the trip.

As your taking pictures of your vacation, just make sure not to forget to relax and have fun. Amazing photographs and an incredible story are wonderful things to bring back with you, but it's okay to hand the camera off every now and then to get a little relaxation of your own. Besides, relaxing and having fun is the main reason for going on vacation anyways!

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