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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tour Italy and See The Five Treasures of Countryside by Rome

Hadrian's VillaImage by ken mccown via FlickrBy Priscila Siano
Rome, Italy is called to be a land of ancient structures, hot fashion, and authentic culture. But apart from its alluring beauty and a very meaningful history Rome also has its hidden treasures along the countryside. These are the unveiled beauty of the city that should actually be a part of any tour Italy experience. Explore the picturesque sceneries outside the gates of Rome by marveling around the countryside.
1. Castelli Romani. Spreading all over the Alban Hills which is an astonishing site capturing the bits and pieces of extinct volcanic activity, Catelli Romani is a package of charming towns and villages.
Tour Italy where the Pope spends his summers - Villa Pontifica, and to the smallest yet the most beautiful of all - Nemi. These towns are now filled with vineyards and wine cellars, olive groves, woods full of chestnut trees too. Paying a visit to Castelgandolfo, Frescati and Villa aldonbrandini, Ariccia and the alluring Palazzo Chigi is a must in a Tour Italy experience.
2. Tivoli. Runaway to Tivoli like the Emperors in primeval times. Huge palaces and villas served as summer getaway spots for Emperors who wanted run off from the heat and distress of Roman life. Although abandoned for ages, the area was revived and buildings were built by a group of wealthy Cardinals and Popes.

Two of the must visit during your tour Italy in Tivoli would be the Villa Adriana and the Villa d'Este's fabled gardens. Tourists also get fascinated with the views and beautiful waterfalls in Tivoli. As part of its history, the ruins as the Temple of Vesta and the ruins of the Sanctuary of the Sibyl remains as the two most visited landmarks of the place.
3. Villa d'Este. Plan for a tour Italy to Villa d'Este on a cool summer day. Marvel the magnificent work of art in the gardens of Villa d'Este as the elements of nature unite as one to create a breathtaking view, this is best seen in the evening though. Situated in the heart of Tivoli, this Villa was built in the 16th Century by a Cardinal.
4. Ostia Antica. A fun filled tour with a bunch of historical learning will definitely be a good reason to drop by Ostia Antica in your tour Italy. You can take a train and travel about half hour to the eastern part of Rome, as you get the hype of seeing the "Pompeii of Rome". What is good in a trip to the place is getting a profound understanding about what was life like in ancient times, this is through the sites of excavation. The museum is also one of the hot spots in town, along with the theater built by Agrippa. The Mithraeum, also a worth visiting spot has been decorated with symbols from the Cult of Mithras regions in its balconies and walls - a sure must see in your tour Italy itinerary.
5. Villa Adriana. Walk around in one of the most desired Villas in Tivoli. This well-constructed Villa was made possible by one of the most accomplished Emperors - Hadrian. This structure was a magnificent work of art made by the local artisans manifesting the Emperor's world travel. Explore the conglomerate baths, theaters, libraries, temples, guest pavilions' and open-air gymnasiums and witness these masterpieces yourself. Tour Italy in Villa Adriana by visiting the most famous attraction - Canopus, an artificial pool which was made to imitate a canal in Nile.
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