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Monday, November 8, 2010

Discover the Parks of Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Palace...Image via WikipediaAuthor: Paul Buchanan
If you're heading to Paris on a romantic getaway for two, the chances are you'll be looking for a few activities that will make your trip truly special, and nothing could be more special than spending some time in solitude, strolling through a beautiful Parisian park surrounded by flowers and gorgeous scenery.

There are plenty of excellent parks and gardens to visit in Paris, and each one brings its own brand of beauty and uniqueness to the table. It's certainly a good idea to visit one or two during your romantic getaway as you really will be able to enjoy a romantic sense of solitude rather than what you might experience in the city centre: crowds, kids and myriad other couples all doing their best to carve out some alone time of their own.

One of the most famous parks in Paris is Le Bois de Boulogne, a legendary park that was built using London's Hyde Park as its model. This vast and sprawling park invites couples to wander along its leafy paths, taking in beautiful scenes from nature as they while away the hours in idyllic settings.

The Jardin du Luxembourg is a favourite amongst locals and it's perfect for heading to for a nice long walk followed by a picnic. If you've been eyeing up other people's picnic baskets, the Luxembourg is certainly a good place to enjoy one of your own. Even in winter, this particular garden provides inspiring views and stunning snow-specked plantlife, making it the perfect place to visit year round.

For a little taste of culture, the Jardin des Tuileries can be found just west of the Louvre. This historical garden has seen a lot of action in the past - mostly bloody, however, so depending on the type of couple you are you may not think this is the best choice! Still, this particular, once royal, garden is filled with statues and monuments and is the perfect addition to any busy day in the city where a little quiet is needed. However, due to its position, the Jardin des Tuileries may not be the quietest of all the options.

When it comes to your romantic holiday in Paris, the number one factor that's going to make it romantic is you and your partner. However, that doesn't mean the scenery can't help, and if you'd love to enjoy spending time in some of the most romantic natural settings with your partner, you really can't go wrong by staying in hotels in Paris.
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