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Monday, November 29, 2010

Paris in the Winter

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By: Peter Merifield
Every body has heard of "Paris in Spring" and "Paris in Fall", but Paris in the winter? The fact that everyone has heard of Paris in the Spring ought to give a clue as to why it might be smart to visit the city during the off-season winter months. There are fantastic deals on hotel rooms that make luxurious Paris accommodations affordable even for the budget-minded. The winter is the perfect time to splurge on a Parisian holiday at rates that won't put too much strain on your bank account.

It's true that the weather can be dismal in Paris, but that won't keep you from enjoying fine dining, shopping, or visits to the famous art museums and other indoor attractions. There are sunny days and temperatures rarely go below freezing, but it's important to bring appropriate clothing for windy, rainy days. One good reason to visit Paris in the winter is for the state-regulated sales in stores that the government only allows two times per year, once in January and once in the summer.

Many people don't realize that Paris is on vacation in August, with much of the population taking their holidays elsewhere, leaving many hotels and restaurants closed for the month. The spring months are over-flowing with tourists, reservations are at a premium and prices are high. It makes good sense to visit Paris at least once in good weather, but there's plenty to come back again and again for, so why not take advantage of the bad weather and the good prices and do all the things that don't require sun to enjoy? You'll feel less like a tourist and you'll get to see the daily life of Paris as it really is.

There are dozens of hotels in the heart of the city offering deals this winter. Check with your travel agent or look online to find great deals and packages at some of the places you might not have thought you could afford. You can stay in the heart of the city at one of the grand hotels or for convenience's sake you could stay at the Hilton Hotel Charles de Gaulle, located in the airport. It's easy to get to the city from the airport and if you stay at the Hotel CDG you won't have to haul your luggage all the way into the city and back.
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