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Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Top 6 Ways To Relax In Granada

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By Dave Wilkes

Granada is one of the top holiday destinations of Spain, and no matter whether you arrive as part of a tour around Europe, or whether you are spending the whole of your holiday there, you are bound to benefit from incorporating some planned relaxation into your schedule.
Most people know someone who rushes around all the day. Even when they are on holiday! And then when they want to relax they actually spend their time doing something useful.

It's almost as if they have a need to fill their time with usefulness and they hold no value for just simply doing nothing and relaxing.
But There Are Consequences Of Being Too Busy
The down-side of being busy-busy all the time is that we get "burned out" and lose our ability to function properly. Our bodies are just not designed to work day on day and without end. And so it makes sense to use holiday time to relax and recharge our "batteries".
One simple suggestion is to pre-plan your time to ensure that you enjoy yourself and get to see the attractions that appeal to you.
No matter what time of year you come, in one way or another every day in Granada is special. And with a bit of research you will soon find out that there are cultural festivals, events and religious celebrations most weeks throughout the year in Granada.
6 Things To Help You Relax
As part of your plan to enjoy the fiestas and events, consider these six points that will help put the relaxation back into your life again.
  1. Stay in the city. There are lots of things to see in Granada city itself. By not having to chase all over the place going down to the coast and up to the nearby Sierra Nevada mountain tops you can wind down to relax and recharge your batteries... and create an experience that will provide you with memories of a lifetime!
  2. Get some quality sleep. Your stress levels should be lower than normal once you "get into"your holiday, and you can easily catch some extra peace in places like the Alhambra, the Cathedral and La Cartuja, the Carthusian Monastery. And low stress levels and peaceful days all add up to helping with a restful night's sleep!
  3. Enjoy some inspiration. Enjoying "ups" and "downs" will do you good, as well as being highly pleasurable. For some excitement of a different type, go see some flamenco in one of the many flamenco clubs. Working and keeping busy day in and day out will take "it" out of you. But sitting and enjoying the emotions of dance and song could well inspire you and help set you back on track again.
  4. Get on the move. If you are normally desk or house bound, then visiting Granada will give you a good reason to get out and move. It is a "walkable city" where you don't have to drive or catch a taxi to get from here to there. Better to walk and /or catch one of the many mini buses and hop off and back on again as it suits you. Organise your visits properly and you will be walking longer distances and standing up instead of sitting down! All of this activity is bound to boost your circulation and help cleanse your whole system.
  5. Look after Number One. One of the main reasons for going on holiday is to recharge your batteries and have a rest and a change of scenery. Whilst you are on holiday there should be fewer demands upon your time, and so why not use this opportunity to spoil yourself. Maybe your partner will help with this and you could return the compliment so you both benefit... but if that isn't practical, then treat yourself to some self-care products such as those for skin care and some bubbly for the bath. There is an excellent selection in many of the local shops, especially in El Cortes Ingles Department Store which is near Puerta Real in the centre of the city. Allow extra time each day to use these products and to just spoil and de-stress yourself. You will love yourself for it.
  6. Have a massage. Having a professional massage will do you the world of good. Even better would be to have more than one! You will feel the difference within yourself almost immediately and you will be bound to return home calm, relaxed, at peace with yourself and raring to go again.
But more than that, you will have enjoyed our favourite city as well. And for me, that is one of the main purposes of a good holiday.
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Dave Wilkes, the author, has been healing and helping people improve their health for almost 40 years. His massage practice is in Spain and his Granada website, is a mine of information for anyone wanting to get the best out of their time in this, his favourite city.

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