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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sicily Holidays: Discovering Cefalu and Its Ancient Origins

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By Marcos Santoro
Cefalù is a very popular destination for international tourists as well as the Sicilians themselves. Entered in the Madonie Park is characterized by its location at the foot of the "Rock", the promontory that city. Today this mountain is walking and you can get up to the walls of the fortress and enjoy a wonderful view. At the foot lies the village and the historic center, very distinctive and always full of people and tourists. The center of Cefalù is circumscribed by megalithic walls, in large part, it's the original one.
Archaeological remains bear witness to the antiquity and the origins of Cefalù and the different historical periods: the Temple of Diana of the fourth century. BC, tanks, the crenellated walls, small churches belonging to the medieval period, etc.... As evidence of its ancient history is also a mosaic discovered recently on the porch entrance to the cathedral, which testifies to the presence of the first Christian communities.
Among the monuments of the Norman era are: the Great Wash and the inn with a beautiful bay and the Church of San Giorgio. But the city's most important and most representative of Cefalu is the Arab-Norman Cathedral which is said to have been strongly promoted and built by Roger II to fulfill a vow made to God for having saved Saviour by a storm at sea making it land on the coast of the town Cefalu. It gives the impression of being a fortress and is characterized by two large side towers that make it be one of the largest cathedrals in all of Sicily. Of particular significance, as well as well-known and photographed as of particular interest are the mosaics on which dominates the figure of Christ Pantocrator: This figure is also present in the Cathedral of Monreale and Cappella Palatina in Palermo. Attached to the cathedral is the cloister with columns and carved capitals that you can see paying a ticket.
Visiting the Museum Mandralisca is necessary because it is an archaeological collection of priceless art gallery and a very accurate and refined as part of the famous painting "Portrait of an unknown" by Antonella da Messina, which lends itself to a book by cover a Sicilian, "the smile of 'unknown sailor' by Vincenzo Consolo.
Cefalù each year attracts tourists from around the world. The city is known for its beach and is among the best known and most beautiful in the province of Palermo. Sea is beautiful, clear blue, were also awarded with the "three sails" Legambiente. Good range of accommodation in the city and surrounding areas. For those looking for Cefalù Hotels or B&B Cefalù can choose among several solutions to suit individual needs.
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