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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dublin This Weekend - Reasons To Be There

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By Adam G. Johnson
If you are wondering why you should opt for Dublin this weekend, here are reasons to do so. Firstly, these weekends give you a perfect opportunity to wrap up a fantastic time with all your friends and family members. Secondly, it always feels great to be amidst tourists who flock to this city from every possible lengths and breadth of the globe to see this amazing Irish city. Thirdly, the city is worldwide known for containing a subtle beauty and a certain type of charm in it that have always appealed to the enthusiastic minds for ages. Fourthly, this city is welcomed as the most financially improved cities. Lastly, the city is a part of many exciting and interesting myths and old legends thereby adding an element of history to it.
Among other known attractions that attract many, the two most talked about and a must-see spots are namely the Spire of Dublin and Dublin Castle. If anyone is interested to see architectural monuments that can give a complete contrasting picture of history with modernity, these two places are the best ft for this purpose. That is why Ireland is regarded as one of the most beautiful and most exotic countries. If you ever think of dropping at this historical place, you will require doing a detailed planning. This aspect acquires special attention because, during the festival season, most good hotels and resorts are crowded with tourists. In addition, advance planning can benefit you in saving a lot of your hard-earned money on your airfare as well.
When you go there, you can witness breathtaking beautiful beaches. This place is a perfect choice whenever you think of enjoying your vacation with all family members, your spouse and many friends. Its beautiful landscapes and an eye-catching treasure of island, make it one of the mesmerizing capital cities of the world. To experience romance and thrills are the two primary objectives of people who do not think twice before arriving at this holiday destination. Presence of factors like dazzling buildings, frenzied atmosphere and many similar aspects make this a preferred attraction of many. This place gives them a source to enthrall their souls and senses.
If historical records are to be believed, it says the old Vikings were found to have caught their footholds around Dublin. Thereafter, they literally lived there for decades and eventually etched many exciting and historic tales. These are same tales, which tourists and city dwellers enjoy. The city saw influence of Norman culture ever since Norman invaded this city. Evidence to this is presence of numerous old buildings and walls that speak volumes so stress the history that is connected to the city.
Everyone knows Dublin weekends are not complete without presence of an active nightlife. Once you are in this city, do not forget to visit those nightclubs and exciting bars. These are the places where you can find culinary dishes and mesmerizing music
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