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Sunday, January 30, 2011

So Many Reasons Why to Retire in Italy

By Mitch Bowler
Famous for its romantic cities, such as Florence and Venice, no other country aside from Italy has the right to claim such beautiful and romantic cities. Get to enjoy "the sweet life" or la dolce vita as many would say here in the most seductive country in Europe. Enjoy the climate in an Italian villa and experience cultural immersion in this land. There are many sites to see in this enchanting country so make plans while you stay here to get enjoy as much of it as possible.
The Vatican City (a country within a city) is where the main Episcopal of the Roman Catholics' can be found in Italy. It is an ecclesiastical state of Rome, which is ruled by the Pope. This only shows that Italy, being a Catholic nation has high regards for their religion. If you are the type of person who strongly believes in God, then Italy is where you should be.
Italy, particularly in Milan, is home to different high-end fashion brands such as Prada, so if you love to shop, this country is a surefire shopping haven for you. Italian is the main language in this country, so for those retirees planning a lifelong stay here, it would be better if they start learning basic Italian. The food, especially its pasta and pizza are flawlessly mastered to give Italians' and foreigners alike a true taste of fine Italian cuisine. Italy is also called "The Wine Country"; an opportunity not to be missed especially if you consider yourself a wine connoisseur.
The country is one of the worlds richest in terms of economy therefore resulting to a very high standard of living. The country is well industrialized pertaining to its different infrastructure and on going developments made by the Italian government.
It is expected that an industrialized country like Italy to have a high-class healthcare system, indeed the worlds 2nd best healthcare system. In education, its literacy rate is high due to free compulsory education available from the government for students 6-14 years of age.
However, retiring in Italy is not as easy as with other countries and you will have to obtain an elective residency visa for you to stay and live in this country as a retiree. You have to show proof of income coming from your retirement funds and other sources, but not from your current employment. For those of you who decide to take the plunge and relocate here you will never regret the decision. Once you are officially settled here this paradise will definitely give you more than what you have expected.
Mitch Bowler is an avid traveler, having lived the majority of his adult life overseas exploring different cultures and learning about the best that each has to offer the expatriates who live there.
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