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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Top 5 Luxury Spa Towns In Sicily

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Author: Antonio Cresce

Anyone who is interested in a luxury holiday to Italy will inevitably be drawn to the best spas and thermal baths the country has to offer. Since Roman times, spas have been one of the most popular forms of relaxation and socialising in Italy, and today its thermal baths and spas have become so popular that many holiday goers make them the centrepiece of their trip.

The best destinations for spa holidays in Italy are on the coast or the small islands that surround the mainland, and Sicily has some of the best thermal spa hotels in the region. Most of the top luxury hotels in Sicily have some kind of spa facility, and there are many that specialize in thermal treatments. Sicily and the Aeolian islands have numerous active and dormant volcanoes, and many spas take their spa water from natural hot springs. This volcanic spring water has a particularly high salt and mineral content, giving many health benefits to those who bathe in it.

Just as important as the quality of a luxury spa hotel in Sicily is its location. Some people want peace, quiet and natural beauty after a spa session, others want vibrant city life and an authentic taste of Sicilian culture as part of their holiday. Here are five of the best spa towns in Sicily, from bustling cities and towns to secluded island retreats.


Located on the east coast of Sicily, Catania is the island's second largest city after Palermo. The source of Catania's hot springs isn't hard to locate - the city sits at the foot of the largest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna.

The proximity of the volcano has made the surrounding land extremely fertile, and the spring water is of excellent quality. Though earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have damaged the city at several points in its history, many of the ancient buildings remain intact. The city is also famed for its popular music scene, and so offers both handsome architecture and a vibrant nightlife. For people who want the bustle of an exciting city as part of their spa holiday in Sicily, Catania is an outstanding choice.


If you want a little more seclusion while on your luxury holiday in Sicily, some of the best places to go are on the Aeolian Islands, a small archipelago just off the north coast of Sicily. Each island has some superb spa resorts, but perhaps the best of them can be found on Vulcano.

As the name of the island suggests, several volcanoes are at the centre of the island, giving rise to the hot springs that are used by the spa hotels on Vulcano. The island is sparsely populated, leaving plenty of untouched natural beauty to enjoy between spa sessions. And for those who are looking for unusual health and beauty treatments, sulphur mud baths are a particular speciality offered by the spas of Vulcano.


Taormina is small town on the east coast of Sicily, popular with tourists and famed for its superb beaches. The town itself is a great place to relax during spa holidays in Sicily, with picturesque architecture and a rich history. It's an especially good place for culture vultures - Taormina features one of the most popular archaeological sites in Sicily, the 'Greek Theatre', a superbly preserved amphitheatre which is the venue for numerous live music and theatre events. For a luxury holiday in Sicily, Taormina is a great middle ground between a busy city like Catania and the more isolated Aeolian island resorts.

Mazara Del Vallo

Located in the southwest of Sicily, Mazara Del Vallo is a busy port town that is home to the largest fishing fleet in Italy. The area immediately around Mazara Del Vallo, where many of the best spa hotels are to be found, is rich with numerous olive groves and vineyards, providing a handsome backdrop to some of the best luxury resorts for holidays in Sicily. This part of the island is visited by fewer tourists than the north and east, which makes Mazara Del Vallo the ideal place to get away from the crowds for relaxing spa holidays in Sicily.

Termini Imerese

The very name of Termini Imerese is inseparable from its history as a spa town. Derived from the Latin "Thermae Himerenses" or "Hot springs of Himera", the town has been a significant spa town since it was found over two and half thousand years ago. It has a history associated with the Hercules and the armies of Hannibal, and was once praised by Cicero as one of the finest towns in Sicily. Today, those on spa holidays in Sicily can still see the ancient Roman aqueducts and enjoy a superb view across the sea to nearby Palermo. Pretty architecture and good views aside, the town works hard to uphold its traditional role as a premier spa town. It has some of the best luxury hotels in Sicily, and most offer an extensive range of health and beauty treatments.
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