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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Fountains of Rome

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By Jhon Mcnemor

Rome has over the millennia of its history, leaving to posterity a special sign of passing time: a thousand fountains, a thousand squares that recall the style and art of an amazing city like Rome. The Fountains have always been filled with wonder travelers, such as the English poet Percy B. Shelley, who wrote that "the fountains are sufficient to justify a trip to Rome."
From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, many architects wrestled with this particular form of sculpture. One of the nicest is the one made by the master John Fontana, made between 1608 and 1612, commissioned by Pope Paul V and that is the great and monumental exhibition of the Acqua Paola. Once with five small basins, was later restored in 1690 by yet another fountain, which endowed it with one big tub, and much more spectacular effect.

We can not forget the fountain by the great architect, known around the world Gian Lorenzo Bernini, who designed the Triton Fountain (1643), in Piazza Barberini. Precocious genius, Gian Lorenzo, since, apparently, his father Peter - commissioned by Urban VIII to make the Fountain of the Four Rivers (1627-29) in Piazza di Spagna - took advantage of the advice of the young child.
But there is a fountain that has long blew television screens becoming an icon of Italian journalism, becoming the scene of the reporters perfer live from the palaces of Roman power: was Giacomo della Porta fountain Journal of the Pope, to whom we owe the most "telegenic" the fountains of Rome, the Piazza Colonna, close to Palazzo Chigi, seat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
Among the most beautiful is the one the one of Moses in Piazza San Bernardo, which is the show was the aqueduct Felice and ornament of the huge villa - no longer exists - built starting in 1585 by Pope Sixtus V. Rome, the wonders it contains an amazing historical account given by his fountains from the mark left by world renowned artists and architects who wanted to leave their signature in the capital Reagle water games for all humanity alike.
Following the words of the poet Byron only the view of Roman fountains worth the trip to the capital. to visit Rome and immerse yourself in its many fountains to choose a nice place to sleep, maybe a typical street of the center, where, besides being able to learn about the wonders of the city, you can see up close the people doing in Rome what it is. Select the accommodation that suits you using these sites, sign and expression of Italian style, attentive to detail and unforgettable atmospheres.
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