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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Food That You Must Try When in Taormina

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By Gianni Merida

When traveling through Sicily, Italy it is important to experience the culture and food is a major part of Sicilian culture! There are several types of food that are distinctly Sicilian, and each region of Sicily is known for a specific type of food as well. In Taormina, Sicily you will have many opportunities to taste the different flavors.
If it is a warm day, and you need a quick refreshment, your first stop upon arrival at Taormina should be to pick up a Granita with Brioche. This is an amazing treat found in just about every pastry shop or gelateria in Taormina. The granita is a Sicilian invention - scooped ice shavings with a delicious flavor (I would suggest lemon). The "Brioche" is a pastry that looks similar to a croissant and creates a great balance with the ice cold treat. You must eat your Granita in true Sicilian style by tearing the top off of the brioche and using it as a spoon to scoop out the granita (ice) and then eating the entire thing. It is a bit messy at first but most foreigners get the hang of it pretty quickly!
If you are seeking something that is a bit more filling, you will certainly be interested in Arancino. These are delicious, bell shaped fried rice balls covered with breadcrumbs. The filling is an amazing meat sauce, tomato sauce, mozarella and peas! This is a special dish that originated in Sicily in the 10th century, and is still very common today. You can find arancino (pronounced: Air-in-CHEE-no) in just about every cafe in Taormina or Giardini Naxos for just a few Euro, and they are quite filling.
If you have more of a sweet tooth, than you should head to the pastry shop for a Cannolo With Ricotta. This is a Sicilian Pastry dessert with a name that translates in English to, "little tube" because the are pastry dough tubes filled with delicious ricotta, sugar, pistachio nuts, chocolate chips, and many secret ingredients that creates an amazing taste!
Because Taormina and Giardini Naxos are bordered completely by the sea, they are well known for their fish. If you visit any restaurant, the menus will be filled with seafood. In this area, it is recommended that you try the local tuna because it has a flavor unique to Taormina and Giardini Naxos. You can also have sardines prepared in true Sicilian fashion where you will be amazed by the flavor that just explodes in your mouth!
Make sure that you try the food at the local markets for a discount in price and true flavor. All of the food that you will be tasting will be fresh and directly from the Taormina - Giardini Naxos area, guaranteeing that it will be delicious. So sit back and enjoy your meal!
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