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Monday, March 28, 2011

5 Best Beaches in and Around Barcelona, Spain

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By James Burrows

Since Spain is a paradise of beautiful beaches, tourists will find that their visit to Spain is incomplete if they do not see at least three of the five beaches listed here. With more than 5000 miles of coastline, there is no dearth of beaches in Spain, but the most popular are the Nova Icaria, Barceloneta, Mar Bella, Sitges beaches and Casteldefells. Most of the beaches of Spain are easily accessible and well-maintained with excellent facilities.

1. Nova Icaria - Nova Icaria, which is located close to the Olympic Mania, attracts large crowds of local people as well as tourists. Adorned with beautiful golden sands, this beach is very friendly toward gourmets owing to the presence of three beach bars, two top-quality restaurants and several bars and restaurants within walking distance of the beach.
2. Barceloneta - Barceloneta, which has been rated by the Discovery Channel as the third best beach in the world, is a great place to visit for its water sports activities. The beach is also the home of architectural jewels such as Hotel Arts and Toree Mapfire. Tourists can either relax on the warm sands or visit one of the large numbers of cafes in its vicinity. The beach is famous for its boisterous, fun-loving crowds, and is known to get a bit crowded during the weekend.
3. Mar Bella Beach - Mar Bella, also referred to as Marbella, is a short distance from Poblenou Metro Station. Although it is unofficially a nudist beach, not all visitors go nude at Mar Bella. Although Spanish law is friendly toward nudists and allows nudity as long as it does not create disturbances, there is no official nudist beach in Spain. Tourists who visit Mar Bella can later head over to a lovely park in the vicinity and either have a picnic or a nap beneath the shady trees.
4. Beaches of Sitges - The tiny town of Sitges is very popular for its beautiful beaches; and many visitors are of the opinion that the beaches of Sitges are far better than the renowned beach of Barceloneta. Moreover, Sitges is just half an hour's train journey from the town of Barcelona and the beaches are clean and the sparkling waters are made for swimming.
5. Casteldefells - Casteldefells, with its five-kilometre stretch of sand, is a great beach for families. The beach is not only easily accessible, but also offers great facilities such as restaurants and activities.
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