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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 Exhibitions to Attend in Barcelona, Spain for the Year Ahead

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By James Burrows

Barcelona is a hub of tourist activity the whole year round. This traffic does not only consist of tourists visiting for recreational reasons, there are also a large number of business visitors who arrive in the city on a regular basis. This regular flow of business people, the established infrastructure in the city and the glorious setting make Barcelona an ideal destination to host Exhibitions. Throughout the year, there are a range of exhibitions held in Barcelona covering a variety of fields of interest. Below is a brief guide to some of these exhibitions:

International Tourism Fair - Barcelona is the obvious location to hold a tourism convention in Spain as it is close to a number of resorts and general tourism activity. This annual event brings together all of the main players in the tourism industry form Spain and around the world. It is a largely consumer orientated affair so is a good place to go to investigate what the world of tourism has to offer and plan you next trip.
Barcelona Motor Show - There is no coincidence that this show is held around the same time of year as the Spanish Grand Prix, which also happens to be in close proximity to Barcelona. For this brief period of the year Barcelona is the focus of the motoring world. The Barcelona Motor Show is the place to find not only all of the latest cars, but also the recent innovations in all products related to the motor industry.
Liber Barcelona - This well known international book fair is not only for those who regard themselves as intellectual. Lovers of all genres of books will enjoy this exhibition of literacy talent. Due to the location, it would of course help if you are a fan of Spanish literature, although the International nature of the show dictates that there will be plenty in you native language.
Hostelco Barcelona - Hostelco is the ultimate trade show for machinery used in the service industry. Over 700 companies attend the show to demonstrate and experience the crème de la crème of machinery used in the service industry, making this an excellent place to network or source machinery for your accommodation business. Leading decision makers in the industry will be present.
Barcelona International Boat Show - The International boat show in Barcelona serves as a great way for people working in the industry to identify new business opportunities, and for those who have a passion for boats to experience everything boat related in one place.
James travels to Spain 4 times a year on business and has many friends in Barcelona. James is also involved with offering Raval Barcelona apartments and Eixample accommodation in the Barcelona area.

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