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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Devon's Marvellous Museums

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Author: Cheori Caspove

Devon has a variety of tourist spots to choose from and would surely delight guests who want to truly experience this famous historic county. Families on vacation can definitely find that Devon has numerous places and activities that all the members of the family would enjoy. Devon's world famous beaches, gardens, castles and museums are some of the attractions that never fail to impress visitors. Families travelling with little children can explore the different art galleries and museums and make their family vacation a truly memorable and educational trip. Since they are conveniently located, families staying at Torquay cottages would find it easy to visit the different galleries and museums.

Devon is a place that is deeply rooted with history. This history is very much evident in its museums as there are thousands of historical items and collections that showcase this county's truly colourful past. Torquay holiday cottages are accessible to all major thoroughfares and public transportation which makes it very convenient for travellers who want to visit these museums. Devon holiday cottages are equally accessible to these sites as well.

Morwellham Heritage Centre

This establishment has more than just historic memorabilia to offer visitors and guests. This museum showcases several different exhibits that celebrate the regal Victorian period. Guests who take interest in the events and subjects in this era would be astonished at the vast array of information on display during this era. Aside from the cottages, shops and hostelry in the Morwellham Heritage Centre visitors can take a tram ride to an abandoned underground copper mine. There are also carriage rides, a wildlife reserve and a farm that children and the rest of the family would enjoy. This museum is not very far away from the Devon holiday cottages. Guests staying at Torquay holiday cottages can take a short trip to this museum and take a guided tour to learn more about this truly majestic era.

Torquay Museum

This museum is one of the best museums in Devon county and a visit to this place will leave a visitor in awe and would sure not disappoint. Staying at Devon holiday cottages during the holidays are gratifying as well. The Torquay museum is a few minutes away from any of the Torquay holiday cottages and repeat visits are very convenient for it is hard to stay away from this amazing museum. This museum is host to several exhibits which range from different subject matter. The highlights of this museum are the artefacts that have been unearthed from Kent's Cavern which are famous ancient caves located in Devon.

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