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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top Greece Beaches Travel Guide: An Ancient Historical Country

Lalaria Beach.Image via WikipediaBy Jimmy Adams Jon

Greece, the country with great ancient history, is the perfect tourist place to visit and enjoy your vacations with your family or spouse. Coming to the most ravishing feature of Greece is its beautiful cool beaches. The country has the most number of beaches among all. Greece Beaches are very tidy and hygienic too. Lively at all times of the year people can come and enjoy anytime on any beach. Catering to all the requirements Greece Beaches have all the facilities like resting beds, restaurants with delicious food items, shops providing swimming suits and towels at optimum rates, wines and beverages shops etc.

The cool breezing environment around the Greece Beaches makes the visitors enjoy more. Tourists can play their favorite water sports, volley ball, badminton etc. Music is played for the tourists on the Greece beaches so they can dance and enjoy as well. All the Greece beaches are fine blended with one or more high quality attributes. But here are some beaches which are best among all the beaches.
Balos Beach: It is the most famous and popular beach located on the North West region of the Gramvoussa Island. The main specialty is its white sandy covering all over. The rippling sand soothes the feet of the people out here and they love walking on it. As you will reach to the beach you could not wait yourself from swimming and taking bath in the sun. On the Balos beach you could spend the most cherishing moments of your life.
Egremni Beach: Situated on Lefkada island Egremni beach is one of the elegant beaches among all the Greece Beaches. It has the most calm, clean and perspicuous water in it. Having white sand on it and covered by rocks all around enlightens its beauty. Egremni beach has all the things to enjoy like water beds, shops, swimming suits available on rent, umbrella shades etc. after your bath in the beach you can relax your body lying on the beds.
Banana Beach: A set of three beaches combine and make the popular Banana Beach. They are specified by their name as Big Banana, Little banana and the Small Banana beach. It is located on South West part of the Skiathos Island. It is a nice beach to enjoy swimming, water sports and corner side cafes and restaurants and the sunny atmosphere.
All these beaches are easily accessible and taxis are also available which can pick and drop you from your hotel at moderate prices. So when coming to Greece don't forget to enjoy the aura of these beautiful Greece Beaches.
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