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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter In Venice

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As with most parts of Italy, Easter in Venice is an important festival for reflecting and renewing faith and especially for families to come together.
The Easter holiday period is a time for the enjoyment of children and families visiting the city will find that kids take centre stage and are to be cherished. This is best illustrated at the Easter Monday fair on Via Alvise Pisani in the heart of central Venice. It features funfairs, sports and activities for children of all ages. A popular day out for locals, there are circus performers, street musicians and drama shows depicting biblical scenes all done with a sense of fun and freshness.
Church services and concerts across the city
Churches across the city welcome all visitors to celebrate the meaning of Easter from the famous St Marks Basilica to countless charming Gothic and Baroque churches that are themselves wonderful works of art. The old austere cathedral of San Pietro, the pretty 13th century Sant Elena or the spectacular San Rocco are just some of the churches that offer compelling Easter services. There is even an Anglican church in the heart of the city. The enduring sound of bells ringing out on Easter Sunday offers a melodic symphony across the city as streets are filled with solemn torch lit processions and music. Similarly a brightly illuminated flotilla of vaparetto boats leisurely cruise the waterways to St Marks filled with elegantly dressed local dignitaries prior to Easter mass. Everywhere at Easter one can feel the sense of cultural pride and faith that the occasion brings that makes it should an uplifting time of year for a visit.
Relaxation in the warm spring sunshine
Churches and museums open their doors at Easter for a series of choral and classical concerts often with free entrance and there is a special Easter proms season at the renowned Teatro Goldoni. Many cultural centres also provide children’s events such as the Scuola Grande di San Rocco which hosts a children's theatre during the holidays.
Easter in Venice is also a time for relaxation and there are several havens in the city where visitors can escape the crowds and enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the warm sunshine. The Papapodoli Gardens is a secluded park ideal for a picnic or stroll along the Riva di Biasio which is a picturesque promenade offering lovely views of the Cannevegio Canal. This time of year sees an increasing active cafe society with pavements filled with diners and coffee drinkers enjoying the fine weather and colourful Venetian street life.
Easter activities are just a way of having fun. Do not tax your brain too much and do not relegate Easter activities into some sort of a headache. Keep Easter activities simple and enjoyable. Let everyone enjoy Easter with the Easter activities you plan. And try to involve everyone in all the Easter activities. So, take special care of adults and old ones who generally feel left out in these Easter activities.
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