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Monday, May 9, 2011

Best Carbonara in Rome

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The best Carbonara in Rome : Rigatoni alla Carbonara
Spaghetti or rigatoni, as needed. The origin of Spaghetti alla carbonara is quite discussed, someone assigns it to the Carbonari from Umbria. It seems they knew this dish and showed it to the Romans in the nineteenth century. Someone else instead argues that the inventor is Ippolito Cavalcanti, a noble Neapolitan who published this recipe in its book.
The other and well known historic legend says that this dish of Rome was born during the Second World War when the Americans brought in large quantities bacon and egg powder, which were part of military rations.
We have tried to suggest some typical restaurants in Rome where to taste the original and famous Pasta alla carbonara. If you decide to visit Rome it is a must to taste this typical roman dish. No matter where you are lodging in Rome, every district of the city centre is full of good restaurants or trattorias where it is possible to try this special pasta. To eat the carbonara means also you won't need anything else as the dish is full of ingredients usually included in a complete meal.
Original Recipe for the Carbonara
Ingredients for 4 people:150 G pork cheek , 2 egg yolks, 2 whole eggs, 80 g Pecorino Romano Cheese Spicy, Pepper
Preparation: How to prepare the best pasta alla Carbonara

For this tasty recipe you should use the pillow, but since it is rather difficult to find, you can substitute it with bacon. In a saucepan, place the bacon (already cut into strips) and cook over low heat in order to melt the fat. Put aside in a bowl, 2 egg yolks and 2 whole eggs and beat slightly. Then add the grated pecorino Romano very spicy. Continue to beat with a fork to mix the ingredients well. This type of dressing is particularly suitable for the spaghetti after they are cooked "al dente" usually no more than 7-8 minutes after the water is boiling. Remember to discard the still hot pan where you browned the bacon, pour over the eggs with the cheese, stir quickly by keeping the pan over the flame so that it remains hot . Plenty of black pepper before serving. This recipe has several variations: let's say it is possible to sum up the main two:
1-If you like the taste a bit 'strong you can fry a clove of garlic with a tablespoon of oil and then add the bacon.
2-While if you prefer a milder sauce, add 2 tablespoons of cream to eggs and have a much more creamy sauce.
Total time required to cook the original Carbonara: no more than 20 minutes
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