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Monday, May 9, 2011

Rome Best Coffee

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If you wish to enjoy one of the best espressos in Rome you should stop at S. Eustachio coffee following what is certainly considered a real daily ritual in Rome (number 82 of Sant'Eustachio square more or less between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon even not far from Rome Piazza Venezia Attractions).

The coffee in this historic bar of Rome is recommended by many guides. Flickr, for instance, considers it as "the best espresso in the world". You can decide to taste one of the S. Eustachio specialties (e.g. Monachella: coffee, chocolate and cream) directly in the bar or take away and enjoy the aroma at home. It is also possible to order through the web-site. If you wish to follow italian tradition, an option could be to come here and take an espresso after a lunch or dinner in one of the typical restaurants of Rome in Piazza Navona hidden in the small alleys of Rome city centre.

Sant'Eustachio Coffee is truly one of the oldest coffee shops of Rome. Founded in 1938, tradition has continued till nowadays with a priority: the quality. This is a daily destination in Rome for food lovers (both roman people or tourist, actors, politics,.. ) for its delicious black coffee made by using Sant'Eustachio blend - the finest Arabica beans - combined with a special preparation of the Grand Cafe.

The Sant'Eustachio's symbol is a deer connected with the conversion to Christianity of the pagan Eustace. The Basilica of Saint-Eustache, a church dedicated to this saint, stands on the square just in front of the coffee house.

In 1999, brothers Raymond and Robert Ricci decided to continue the tradition of selecting the best varieties of coffee and offers a range of products prepared with a traditional mixture blend. The secret simply is such intense research of coffee from different regions, the careful selection to maintain the identity of the "Sant'Eustachio traditional Blend", known and appreciated by coffee lovers all around the world.

The green coffee is roasted slowly over the wood to be tasted in the coffee shop, but you can also buy some coffee and take away at home. All varieties of roasted coffee beans, washed and selected, are of the highest quality. This approach guarantees an high quality of coffee aroma and flavor that can not be usually found in coffee retail markets.

The coffee shop has six tables outside and inside it is still working with a wood device for roasting the coffee of 1948. Located in the heart of Rome - before the Senate, only a few steps from Piazza Navona and the Pantheon - this little place is always crowded for people looking for the best italian coffee in Rome.
Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday 8:30 to 01:00
Closed Wednesdays
Friday 8:30 to 1:30
Saturday 8:30 to 02:00
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