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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Best Mountain Hotels in Spain

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Author: Alan Marker

Sightseeing in Spain is incomplete without visiting the beautiful mountains that spread from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea. However, moist city dwellers cannot stay without the comforts typically available in the cities. So here is a list of some mountain hotels in Spain with all the modern amenities.

Parador de Cañadas del Teide in Santa Cruz de Tenerife:

Located at 2,140 meters above sea level, at the foot of Mount Teide, this inn seems to come out of nowhere in the Natural Park. The building, built in 1960, appears in a unique setting, surrounded by enclaves known as the White Mountain, Pico Viejo, the noses of Teide, the volcano Corona, the Piedras Amarillas and 3,000-meter-high mountain Guajara which has a rare and magnificent appearance. It is a unique opportunity to stay in the crater of an extinct volcano, particularly in the Chaorra Caldera.

Parador de Vielha in Lérida, Vielha:

The inn was the first which offered spas in the mountains. It is a true sports and recreational center in the Valley of Aran. It has the most spectacular and certainly most striking circular glass restaurant, from which you can enjoy the best views of the Pyrenees Mountains. Also worth mentioning is the exterior solarium with wood flooring and walkways, a great balcony on which to relax while looking out over the snowy peaks. The building is surrounded by a garden built into the environment, with a swimming pool for hot summer days.

Hospedería del Santuario Peña de Francia in Salamanca:

The three-star inn is now a very good, really comfortable hotel, but you can enjoy all the charm of thirteenth century architecture. The rooms, painted in bright colors, are spacious and comfortable as well as fully equipped. This hotel lets you enjoy the austerity of the first hospice telephone, bathroom, heating, hairdryer and safe.

Hotel Melia Sierra Nevada, Granada:

Hotel Melia is a good example of a great chain hotel in the mountains. With 221 rooms, this Meliá has everything that you need. It is modern, with all the comforts of their hotel chain, a good selection of restaurants and related services which is well adapted to the environment. Its location in the heart of the ski resort area of Sierra Nevada, just a hundred yards from the lifts, makes it a great place to enjoy a ski holiday. It is one of those hotels with no surprises for those who want to enjoy their day in the snow and return in the evening to find all the comforts of home: comfortable bathrooms, comfortable rooms with internet access and good central heating.
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