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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hemingway In Pamplona

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Author: Albert Gonzalez

Pamplona, ??or "Iruña" in Basque, is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Navarre. This region has borders with France to the north, the Basque Country to the west, La Rioja to the southwest and Aragon in the South and East. For a weekend, you can go visit San Sebastian and enjoy its beaches, stroll through the Pyrenees or discover the vineyards of Rioja.

Driving around the city of Pamplona is simple and fast. In less than an hour, you can go from one end to another of the city by walking or taking the bus. Parks and pedestrian areas represent 20% of the urban landscape. Pamplona is a city of Roman origin. You can therefore see many monuments, museums and other cultural sites.

Pamplona is a tourist town where it is good practice to learn the local language skills. Basque is the regional language but it is rare to hear it spoken by many people in the streets of Pamplona. As in Castilian, the emphasis is very clear and therefore easy to understand for foreigners. In addition, there are two major universities located in Pamplona.

Eating pintxos in the bars of the Navarrería

The best way to discover the Basque cuisine is "txikiteo" which is a Basque word meaning, "go in search of tapas". The "tapas" or pintxos in Basque are traditional to the most innovative. For the better "txikiteo" of the city, go to The Navarrería, the oldest area of ??Pamplona.


Although the city of Pamplona is centuries old, it is not old and boring! The large student population keeps the city moving well, day and night.

Run with the bulls ... or watch others do it!

If, a) you are sober, b) you are brave and c) you like to be followed by bulls in narrow streets, then encierros of San Fermín is for you! If you prefer not to take risks and stay safe, choose a spot along the route to go see the bulls and runners!


Heminway is the adopted son of Pamplona. Why? First because he went there very often, but mostly because the story of his first novel, The Sun Also Rises takes place in Pamplona during the fiesta of San Fermin. Fans of the writer may now follow his example by going to bars, restaurants and hotels that Hemingway loved and frequented. Before the Pamplona bullring, you can even see a monument to the writer.

Discover beautiful landscapes

Pamplona is located in Navarre, one of the most impressive Spanish parts famous for its breathtaking scenery. You indulge in walking, cycling and many other activities or enjoy the fresh mountain air, while Navarre enchants you. You will see mountains, forests, valleys, etc.
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