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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bicycle Touring Expo From The 3rd To The 4th September 2011 In Levico Terme, Italy

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By: Michele de Capitani

Bikes are eco-friendly, pleasant, cheap and healthy means of transport, and the number of people who use it is increasing although it is never enough. People do not only use bike to move around in the city, at least when weather is not bad, avoiding long and annoying queues and traffic stress, but also to travel. Bicycle touring is getting more and more popular, and the bicycle touring expo, which this year will be held in Levico Terme, Italy, is an evidence of the interest that not only professionals, but also common people have in this sector.

The date to save is 3-4 September 2011, when the Palalevico will be invaded by the world of bikes. The city, in the province of Trento, is well-known for its spa, lake and wonderful landscapes, and will host the event for the first time, as in the past it was held in another city in the province of Trento, Arco. No wonder that an event dedicated to bikes is held in this Italian region: thanks to its wonderful and varied landscapes and good cycling paths it is notably fit to host an event like this.

The expo is meant to present all the novelties in the field of bikes, with a focus on mountain bikes, specific clothes and equipments, but space will also be given to tourist offices with their offers in the field of bicycle touring and to hotels and their offers conceived for bike lovers. A complete event, which gives both professionals and bike lovers the possibility to keep up-to-date with all the aspects of bicycle touring and bikes in general. The visitors of the fair will have the chance to enter the Palalevico and view all the novelties of the sector, and while professionals will have the possibility to build interesting business relationships, those who simply have a passion for bikes will certainly find many ideas for their holidays or to buy a new bike.

But the bicycle touring expo is not only an exposition of bikes and tourist offers, and the expo indeed will be enriched by many other events, from debates to bike excursions. The program of the event has not been totally defined yet, but also this year, like in the past, visitors will certainly have the chance to take part in interesting debates and workshops on cycling and tourism, in book presentations and excursions. And that is not all: a pavilion of the fair will be dedicated to a second-hand market, and all those who want to buy their bike will be given a little space, while those who are looking for a second-hand bike will have the chance to make a good deal.

If your passion, or your job, is bicycle touring, pedal to Levico Terme on the 3rd of September 2011 and take part in the Bicycle Touring Expo!

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