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Monday, May 9, 2011

Where to drink a good wine in Rome

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Drinking good wines in Rome

Rome is not only monuments, history and museums. For tourists wishing to enjoy a good glass of wine either white or red there are many wine cellars also in the city centre. There is not actually a specific tradition for white or red wine in Lazio region and consequently in Rome. We can say the surroundings of Rome were historically more connected to a white wine tradition, but now things are changing and also red wine is having a very good production expecially in the south part of the region Lazio with Casal del Giglio. Many wine bars organize also tasting or meetings about vineyards, harvesting, fermentation and more in general about the processes related to the production of Italian wine.

Drinking wine is not one of the main habits of Roman people who are more used to drink at home. Anyway wines traditions in Rome go over the habits and despite that, there is a wide choice of bars, wine-bars, restaurants and pubs in Rome offering also a good list of wines on every corner of Rome city centre. Many drinking spots could be an opportunity for people to sit outside (April- middle November) and pose, but most of them have the advantage of having late opening hours also till 2-3am during the summer.

In the last few years there was also an important increase of Wine Bars and Enotecas combining excellent wines of Italy (and not only) with gourmet menus. We had a proliferation of cheap wine-tastings) used to promote new regional wines and factories.

3 -Top Wine Bars List in Rome: Here below we have tried to list 3 among the most known wine bars in Rome (we have selected 3 different districts: Coliseum, Prati and Trastevere) where to try the italian best wines in a unforgettable atmosphere. Many of our Apartments in Rome are located at walking distance from such places. We kindly invite the readers to check them on our website or to directly contact us at for more information about Rome in terms of accommodations, exhibitions in Rome, restaurants, events,..

1- Pentagrappolo Wine, Jazz & Blues: Via Celimontana 21b 6:00 pm- 01:30am 12:00/25:30

A wine bar and more a place where to eat or drink good wine and where to listen good music from jazz to blues near the Coliseum.

The Pentagrappolo just next to the historic Villa Celimontana in Rome is a wine bar with an elegant refined setting in which there is a grand piano in the center. Just this piece of furniture polyphonic warns us that the Pentagrappolo is not only a winery but also a place where you can listen to mostly jazz and blues music (on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays it will be played live). Also open for lunch on weekdays Pentagrappolo offers cold dishes as carpaccio, soups, pork, sausages and cheese and a very good chocolate cake. In addition to these delicacies the Pentagrappolo offers an extensive red and white wine list. There are more than 250 labels to choose from the entire Italian territory and the price is affordable if compared to the quality of the wines proposed.. In addition to the wine-bar service there is even a wine shop where you can purchase a gift combining a good bottle of wine to a culinary delight.

2- Enoteca del Frate - via degli Scipioni 122 Roma
This is a trendy wine bar that has nothing of the tavern located in Rome Prati district. The modern furniture creates an elegant contrast with the rough stone walls. Among the food to taste together with both red and white wines we recommend: mazurka of cheese (the list takes up almost a page of the menu), a polka of meats, a salad chachacha and last but not least an unforgettable foie gras. Even here there is a shop where to buy jars of pickles, preserves or extra virgin olive oil.

3- Enoteca Ferrara Piazza Trilussa, 41 00153 Roma
Elegant furniture and a wonderful wine list consisting of 2 large book for both white and red wines. Amazing, delicious but not cheap food (for instance first dishes between 20 and 28 € , 12 € for a cake).Article Source:
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