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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A sojourn to Germany

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Besides the usual fetish for beer, there is a lot more that Germany has to offer. And believe it or not, people from all parts of the world swarm to the country, a significant portion of them waiting to indulge in the Oktoberfest. Although much of beer flows like a river at one the world's greatest parties as well, the point is, while one is enjoying liquor from green stemmed glasses, there are quite a few questions that are floating around the environs, like whether one should buy a BMW or Mercedes, hand out at the club, or soak in royal ambience at the castle, revel in Munich, or burn the roof in Berlin!

Munich: A lot has been said about this vibrant city, and for all the right reasons. Munich, or M√ľnchen, has a lot many different time zones existing simultaneously. On one side, there are shining BMWs and chic designer boutiques, while on the other, locals still practice the age-old traditions with fervour. The music and cultural environment has always been happening, and for those who appreciate the finer things in life, Munich's museums have the world's finest antiques on display. However, provincialism certainly retains most of its charm, and the prevailing attitude is 'live and let live. The metropolis is kind of like a global village, and the concept is reinforced by the fact that during Oktoberfest, the whole planet seems to come down here!
Sylt: Shaped like an anchor that is hooked on to the mainland, Sylt is having the aggressive surfs on its west coast that charge fiercely at the shoreline that constantly changes shape. Owing to the strong winds, the place is often the meeting spot of the best windsurfers from across the world, who convene here every September for the final Surf World Cup of the tour. However, totally in contrast of this picture, the Wadden Sea's serene shoreline, with the water retreating twice a day to reveal the sea bottom, is an invigorating and unique experience par tranquillity. Towards the northern side of the island, one can find sand dunes shifting shape and location alongside lighthouses guarding over 'streams' of yellow rape flower. Owing to its stunning and picturesque landscape, Sylt has been the favoured destination of celebrities from Germany and the world, a fact that is reinforced by the scores of expensive restaurants, plush homes, expensive cars and designer boutiques on the street.
Bremen: The name of Germany's smallest state is derived from the description of a Hanseatic city, although many would like to think of it more as a town, or for that matter, two towns, the reason being that the terrain is divided between riverside Bremen and industrial Bremerhaven at the mouth of the Weser River. The destination is the perfect resting spot while on a long tour of Germany, with its peaceful and enchanting setting.
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