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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sea Holidays? Choose Italy!

Paraggi Bay (Santa Margherita Ligure) in Italy.Image via Wikipedia
By: Michele de Capitani

For the people that are keen in beaches and sea Italy is undoubtedly the ideal destination, With its kilometers of coasts, the different types of landscapes, the numberless hotels that are to be found in the Italian regions, and the tourist attractions that characterize the Italian seaside resorts, from the North to the South, when you speak about sea holidays in Italy you are really spoilt for choice. And no matter if many Italian people prefer more exotic or faraway destinations, looking for something different; certainly you can find many interesting seaside resorts also in many other countries, but there are also many Italian people that recognize the huge heritage that they have at disposal and decide to spend their holidays on one of the many beaches of Italy. Moreover there are many foreigners who visit Italy and come from Russia, Germany and many other countries to relax under the Italian sun listening to the sound of the Mediterranean Sea, and who remind Italian people of the valuable asset that they have at their disposal and that many foreign people envy.

All the Italian regions facing the sea have something special to offer to visitors and tourists, and even those places that do not have breathtaking landscapes or a clear blue sea can fill this gap with many services and alternatives that can make your holiday perfect, relaxing and pleasant. From Veneto to Apulia, from Liguria to Sicily, Italian seaside resorts are really numberless. Some of them are more famous than others (just think about the many people that invade every year the Romagna Riviera or the trendiest beaches of Sardinia), other beaches are not very busy yet, but are becoming more and more popular, other ones are fascinating just because they are still uncontaminated, almost wild, unknown by most people. But each one, in one way or another, can surprise all the people who visit it.

Without taking all the Italian seaside resorts into consideration, which would be almost impossible, and without trying to make a chart of the most beautiful Italian beaches, we can try to give some tips for your 2011 holiday. This year you might choose a city in the region Abruzzo, like Alba Adriatica or Giulianova. Abruzzo is perhaps less famous than other Italian regions as far as beaches are concerned, but this does not imply that it can offer less. An evidence of this is given by the 14 blue flags that the region has received this year by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) for 13 seaside resorts and for the beach of Scanno Lake. Only Liguria with 17 blue flags and Marche and Tuscany with 16 blue flags have achieved a better result. This year Abruzzo has gained one more flag than last year (for Scanno Lake). This is a very important award, an award that is not given to the most beautiful beaches, but to the places that most care for environmental protection and security. The places with a blue flag have been awarded for water quality, for the services that they offer, for accessibility, for the green spaces and for the separate collection of rubbish. A very good feather in Abruzzos cap!

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