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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top 5 cookery courses in italy

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Author: Kristel van Winkel

PIZZA, PASTA & HOLIDAYS- the 5 best cookery courses in Italy
You love Italian food, than this is the perfect activity for your next journey to Italy.
Learn to make the perfect pasta, a delicious tiramisu and lots of other traditional Italian dishes whereas enjoying great Italian wines and the beautiful country. It will be a truly memorable event.

They are offering two types of cooking courses depending on the level of experience, for professionals and for non-professionals. Non-professionals who love Italian food learn to prepare traditional dishes such as appetizer, pasta, fish, vegetables, pizza and desserts. Each lesson lasts three hours during which a complete menu is prepared.
Courses can be combined with a language course as well.
Where to stay: Kolbe Hotel Rome, Italy

Learn the secrets of making home made pasta and work with flour, eggs and other ingredients. You will create three types of pasta, different sauces as well as one dessert. Following the class is easy and fun, ideal as a group activity. The class is followed with a joint meal. Buon appetito!
Where to stay: Hotel Monsignor Della Casa Country Resort, Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence)

The lessons take place in the atmospheric kitchens of a local winery.
Experience the traditional Sardinian Cuisine by preparing it with your own hands and get a detailed tour of the winery. Each lesson lasts three hours and ends with a meal with the dishes prepared, accompanied by four selected wines. You will be taught about the history of the recipes and the sources of ingredients are described.
Choose from a selection of four menus.
Where to stay: Le Palm Forte Village, Cagliary

The classes are held in small and relaxed groups. The dishes come from many Italian regions using the fresh produce in season. Market tours and eating are included.
Your teacher is Diane Seed, who is an amusing speaker and has a passionate enthusiasm for the Italian cuisine. She definitely will teach you the pleasure of Italian life as well.
Where to stay: Pinewood Hotel Rome

One tour of "The food & wine Academy of Florence" is called "Wanna be Italiano" and is held by the magic chef Giovanni. They guarantee "5 hours of pure fun" while going to the central market, preparing bruschettas, and experiencing the secrets of home-made pasta. This is a must for a tourist in Florence!
Where to stay: Hotel Monna Lisa, Florence

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