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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Valencia in Spain and its Orange Groves

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Author: Diana Smith

Ever since the 19th century Valencia has been well renowned for growing the most beautiful of citrus fruits, the orange! With over 70% grown for export, the climate that Valencia enjoys is beneficial for growing oranges. The climate here is cold during the winters that are responsible for the lovely orange color. The sweet and sour flavour is because of the warm sunny summers and the mild winters.
The exact region that is responsible for giving the world the choicest of oranges is Burriana. Burriana is filled with orange groves and the people in this town are benefiting from its exports. Tourism is not the main earning source of this area, like its surrounding areas. There is however one place that most tourists would love to visit and that is the Orange Museum. This museum is in the historical area of the town basically in the old merchant's townhouse.
This museum is again the only tourist office in this area. Tourists will love to find pictures of old orange cultivation methods and usually are enthralled with the 5,000 types of orange box labels as well as posters that date back into the years. There are also old printed tissues that were used to wrap the oranges in.

The benefits of a natural orange freshly harvested
Citric acid are a magnificent natural drug. A three day cure using oranges can perform miracles in digestive disorders, headaches and rheumatism. Its rich in vitamins and trace elements make it the best ally against stress and depression.
The orange contains different substances that contribute to improving the health of the body. These include calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and vitamins. In particular, calcium facilitates the development of bones in children. Phosphorus is highly necessary in cases of stress, nervous people and poisoning. Iron helps the blood.
Magnesium excites intestinal peristalsis, fighting constipation. Potash acts as cleanser and dissolves fat. Soda, juice stimulates pancreatic digestiveprocess activates thegastroduodenal, power and hydrochloric acid secretion, together with citric acid, uricacid dissolves. It is very beneficial for the adrenal glands. Orange also has vitamins A,B, G and, especially, C.
You can visit Valencia on a short weekend break from the UK. Flights can be taken from London, Dublin and Bristol with Ryanair and from London Gatwick with Easyjet.
As the orange grove regions are well off the normal tourist routes, we recommend the you hire a car at Valencia Airport, which will enable easy, flexible and cheap travel around the Valencia area.
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Diana Smith, lives and works in Spain. Expert in tourism in Southern Spain.

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