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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Greatest Places to Visit in Europe

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Author: Glen Wheaton

Everyone that travels extensively in on a visit to Europe forms ideas of the cities that become their favorites, and develop into places which have a particular importance for them. The persona of a city goes a great deal deeper than tourist destinations. They go into the individuality of a city that makes it exclusive, and is not found just in those places that make it famous but around the streets and venues where the locals inhabit. Here are some of my favorite places to visit in Europe:

London A great walking city, much of London may be observed by keeping in close proximity with the Thames. Home to four World Heritage Sites, London's charm is its well preserved and important historical sites, such as The Tower of London, whose history goes back nearly 1000 years, to upriver to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey (over 1000 years in history), and Buckingham Palace in the City of Westminster. Because the city street designs haven't altered much in centuries, there is quite a chaotic way they're laid out. But that is part of the charm in walking this city, and the large Underground Tube system is perhaps the top mass transit system in any city in Europe, if you can walk no further. The next great feature as one of the places in Europe to visit is London's large theater district, one of the biggest of any city in the world.

Paris This city obviously has countless charms, but to me the greatest asset that makes this one of the best places to visit in Europe is the architecture, thus making this the perfect walking city, even topping London. Remain near the Seine, then at the Eiffel Tower walk in the direction of the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe, and you'll witness some of the best architecture anyplace.

Vienna Among the great places to visit in Europe for music is Vienna. You can experience much of this illustrious city by walking, from the neighborhood around St. Stephan's Cathedral to the Hofborg, or old palace vicinity. There are many concert venues to be found, plus several impressive museums making Vienna an excellent spot to travel because of its culture.

Amsterdam Similar to Venice, Amsterdam's appeal is in its canals. The city is virtually a web of canals, and there is a vessel of any size or shape, and for just about any circumstance you may have. The downtown area is a place of impressive Dutch appeal, however the waterways are really what make this one of the great places in Europe to take a trip. Also, like all large European cities the culture is ever present in the form of museums of the great Amsterdam artists, among them Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

Barcelona This city with the small town feel but the progressive outlook is actually a hidden gem when searching for the best places in Europe to visit. Located on the Mediterranean Sea in hilly topography that gives it atmosphere, this second city in Spain gives the pose that it can offer everything that the great cities of Europe can provide, but nevertheless gives off the feel of a smaller metro area. For cuisine, you really ought to experience the Tapas Restaurants.

This is clearly just a small example of the great places to visit in Europe, but every one of these places provides a rather unique trait that makes it special from other destinations. If you are contemplating a visit to Europe before long, we hope you'll try to take in one or more of these remarkable places. But attempt to engage yourself inside the city to feel what gives them their personality.Article Source:
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