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Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 Great Honeymoon Destinations

Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa, Tuscany, ItalyImage by Eustaquio Santimano via Flickr

Author: Andrew Bicknell

If you are looking for romance and excitement after your wedding then consider these 10 great honeymoon destinations. Anyone of these destinations is sure to touch the heart of you and your betrothed.

1. Paris – The "City of Lights" is widely considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. World class museums and world famous shopping districts make it a city with plenty to do. Some of the best dining experiences can also be found in some of the worlds most well known gourmet restaurants. Add in the architectural charm, parks, monuments, and the seine river and you are literally surrounded by romantic opportunities.

2. New York City during the Holidays – The "City that never Sleeps" offers great opportunities anytime of the year but it's hard to beat the warmth and festive feel during the holiday season. Department store windows are decorated with holiday vignettes, ice skating in central park, the Rockefeller Center tree is ablaze with colorful lights, and the whole city is alive with joy of the season.

3. California's Wine Country – One of the more romantic honeymoon destinations in the U.S., California's wine country is the perfect place for newlyweds to begin their life together. North of San Francisco in Napa and Sonoma counties you will transported away from the fast paced stress of the city. The regions wineries welcome visitors with tours and wine tastings. There are also an abundance of Bed and Breakfast that offer views of the rolling vineyards. There are also a variety of great restaurants that feature the regions selection of fine vintages.

4. Tuscany – Another great choice for wine aficionados, Tuscany in central Italy, is sure to leave an indelible memory for anyone who visits. The rolling hills are dotted with hundreds of small working vineyards anchored by stone farmhouses and buildings. There are also a variety of fine restaurants offering great food in a casual setting.

5. Tahiti – For a truly exotic tropical honeymoon then the Tahitian Islands of Papeete, Bora Bora, or Moorea are a great choice. Travelers and tourists have been awed by their exceptional beauty and the welcoming friendliness of its people. And for a truly one of a kind experience consider staying in a resort that offers private cottages that sit on stilts out over the crystal blue waters of a tropical lagoon.

6. Hawaii – One of the most popular honeymoon destinations, the Hawaiian Islands offer a tropical paradise that is unmatched. 8 Islands make up the islands and each offers something a little different. Beautiful beaches lapped by the warm Pacific and trade wind breezes ensure a vacation memory that won't soon be forgotten.

7. An Irish Castle – For a "Happily Ever After" honeymoon a historic Irish castle fits the bill. Dromoland Castle is an elegant stone fortress that hosts visiting state dignitaries or for a true "Fairy Tale" experience consider the 5-star Glenlo Abbey Hotel. Set amongst the green rolling hills of Galway it offers a championship golf course and fine gourmet dining.

8. New England Bed and Breakfast – The New England countryside is a picturesque place all year round. And there is no better way to enjoy to brilliant fall foliage and sparkling summer seashores then staying in one of the many Bed and Breakfasts that dot the region. The small towns and villages offer eclectic shopping for antiques and handmade crafts. And don't forget a plethora of restaurants offering fresh seafood caught that same day.

9. Turks and Caicos Islands – Less developed then some of their Caribbean counterparts these islands offer some of the world's most beautiful white sand beaches where all your cares can be forgotten. There are beachside activities to enjoy, coral reefs to explore, and fresh seafood to enjoy. These islands are a great destination if you are looking to kick back and relax.

10. Greek Islands – For a trip back in time the Greek islands from Crete to Corfu and Mykonos to Santorini offer a variety of opportunities. Surrounded by the crystal clear Aegean Sea these islands are a romantic paradise. White washed buildings in the towns and villages climb the hills above the beaches, offering a number of dining choices.

You can't go wrong if you choose any of these 10 great honeymoon destinations. So start packing your bags and prepare for a truly romantic experience with your soon to be spouse.
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