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Monday, August 15, 2011

Italy Travel Notes on Rome

Facade of the museum Galleria Borghese in Rome...Image via WikipediaBy Priscila Siano

Art and history enthusiasts are sure to enjoy any Italy travel itinerary. The Italian countryside is bursting with picturesque landscape, magnificent artworks and architectural structures, not to mention lots of stories to be heard and flavorful foods to be tasted. As such, it is advisable that you carefully plan your Italy travel package in order to maximize your stay in this beautiful country.

You can plan your cheap Italy travel by dividing the country per its region to fully appreciate its fascinating history, culture and everything else that can be discovered in the place. Here are some helpful guides in planning your much deserved Rome get-away.
The city of Rome is the country's capital and considered to be Italy's largest and most populated city. Conveniently located on the central-western area of the peninsula on the Tiber River made the city the cradle of ancient and glorious civilization said to be founded by Romulus. This world renowned Eternal City is the home of archaic churches, highly crafted statutes and enchanting fountains. The city is divided into centers which make it easier for you to plan a cheap Italy travel itinerary.
Enjoy Rome with thisItaly travel guide tips. The center of Ancient Rome is in the Colosseo area, here, you can find the Colosseum, the Forum of Augustus, Roman Forum, Capitoline and the Markets of Trajan. Meanwhile the Old Rome district is home of the Roman medieval and renaissance time; the district is adorned by cathedrals, pantheon and scenic piazzas. The Northern Center of the city is the home of the stylish Parioli and Salario neighborhoods and Villa Borghese. Lively nightspots can be enjoyed in San Lorenzo in the Nomentano district while fine dining and shopping sprees can be done in Via Veneto street in the Modern Center, ditto to the Tervi fountain and the Republicca area. The indoor market in the Esquilino-San Giovani area is always worth a visit for amazing finds. For the adventurous in you, you can visit the Aventino-Testaccio and mingle with interesting characters.
Next stop will be on the Vatican City. Every trip to Italy offers reasonable Italy travel deals and with these, you are sure to enjoy Vatican City's works of art. Marvel at the masters' paintings, sculpture and architecture as well as the innumerable religious relics and informative museums. The nearby neighborhoods are also worth the visit like the cobbled streets and impressive plazas of Trastevere on the western portion of the Tiber River. This lovely district is the inspiration of Giorgio de Chirico and other artists making it the city's artistic center.
An Italy travel package to Rome can also include passes to the city's museums for discounted price. The city is the home to several world class museums in the Villa Borghese district and the modern center. It houses a wide array of artifacts from antiquity to various historical period of the country. Among the most visited are: Rome's National Museum, Galleria Borghese, Galleria d'Arte Antica, and the Musical Instrument.
Wonder no more why Rome is one of the most visited and influential places in the world. Enjoy your Roman Italy travel journey and learn about its great contribution to culture and to your life as well.
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