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Monday, August 22, 2011

Paris Food Markets by Arrondissement

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Author: Suze

Many Parisians (especially among the older generations) abstain from buying fresh produce, cheese, meat and fish from their corner supermarket, and for good reason: traditional Paris food markets count in the dozens, with several open one or more days a week in every neighborhood. Market products are often fresher, more flavorful, and less expensive than supermarket counterparts. It can also be a lot more environmentally friendly since the fresh fruit and produce in particular tends to come from local farms.

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It's truly a delight to visit these markets, whether to wander the aisles and savor the sights and smells, or to buy the ingredients for dinner that night. You don't have to be a gourmet cook or spend hours slaving over the stove, as many vendors sell fully prepared dishes, from pate's to roasted chickens. To fall in love with Paris, you should experience life here as the Parisians and visit some of these markets. On the following pages, we describe a few of them, along with their opening times and directions so you can enjoy discovering them as well.

Visitors will find that there is a vast selection of food option available during their holidays in Paris to suit every taste and budget. Paris accommodation ranges from the most luxurious hotels and large chains, to small guest houses rich in old-fashioned ambience, many of which are much cheaper than you might first expect.

Which are the Best Paris Food Markets?

Some of the most reputed and pleasant temporary Paris food markets include the Aligre market (12th arrondissement), Bastille market (11th arrondissement) the Maubert Market and Place Monge Market (both in the 5th arrondissement). For the health-conscious, an all-organic food market takes over the Marche Raspail (6th arrondissement) every Sunday morning, and the Batignolles market on Saturday morning. Meanwhile, the St-Quentin covered market near Gare de L'Est (10th arrondissement) is the largest covered market in Paris, and always full of noisy energy (and fantastic food). Devoted foodies should consider heading to these spots. However, most traditional Paris farmer's markets offer a good level of quality and variety. If you want a quaint look at what's available in the neighborhood you're staying in, find a nearby Paris food market below.

Paris Food Markets Neighborhood by Neighborhood:

To quickly locate a traditional Paris food market near you, click on the arrondissement (district) you're in or will be staying in during your trip (scroll down to choose the arrondissement). You can easily figure out what arrondissement you're in by looking at any street sign, located on corner buildings. Note that these lists do not concern permanent outdoor markets such as those found on Rue Montorgueil or Rue Mouffetard. Read more about permanent Paris street food markets here.
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