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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The City of Figments: Verona

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Author: Art Sarkissoff

Verona is a beautiful city and also known as pearl of Italy. For all the history lovers who want a live glimpse of history of Verona, nothing can be better than spending time there. Through this way legends of history will come at threshold of your mind. Because of some worldwide famous stories of Verona like Romeo and Juliet, tourists get attracted to it's underneath charm. Hence more and more people come here to see this place and to have the loving aroma of Verona's atmosphere.

Verona is a treasure trove of historic monuments and beautifully preserved buildings which date back hundreds of years. In every place at Verona you would come across stories of monuments therefore, you never urge the requirement of any kind of tourist guides.
If you stay in a hotel in San Michele, you would get to know about the famous instances of the magical books also known as book of command. Earlier these books, written by priests, were very common past times but according to the stories they have been destroyed due to their contents. Their contents included passwords of various treasures located on Earth, similar codes, magical spells, ways of getting superpowers etc. If you become familiar with these formulas then you could get command over all the elements, fly, treasures and other paranormal activities. This would have been considered that you are having some superpowers. They also say that one of the last books survived the muscle of huge fire. Then this book got transferred to the surgeons of the castle. Even to reach there one would have to travel kilometres and the entrances are still unknown.
The construction of the arena situated was said to be done in one night. This one night was very crucial for a man's soul as it was in hands of a devil. The devil asked the man to complete the structure. He accepted the work. When the man reached, he found many demos working over it. He repented soon after. Thereafter he started to pray to their lady for help. The lady got satisfied with his prayers and rang bell due to which all demos ran away. The demos left the structure incomplete but the work done was enough to save his life.
There are some more breathtaking incidents happened in Verona. You will get to know about them when you reach there. One of them is about hanging rib cage. This rib was found hanging at Piazza delle Erbe. Whose rib it is, nobody knows. Some predictions say that it is a pre-historical animal.
One of the most famous parts of Verona is Romeo and Juliet. The stories about them are world famous. When you enter Verona you first feel about the unlucky love of the two children of rival families who died on the passion of their love. Hence it can be said that Verona is the most romantic place to have a candlelight dinner with your mate.
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