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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Many Famous Novels Are Set In Italy!

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Author: Jacob

Are you a voracious reader of all kinds of books? If yes, then you will definitely be familiar with the beautiful country of Italy. There are numerous novels set in Italy that depict the lifestyle and culture of the spectacular country. The rich cultural and artistic heritage of the country forms the perfect backdrop for great stories. Italian lifestyle and traditions are strongly depicted in all Italian novels.

All the novels set in Italy are finely crafted with all the elements of story making and move the readers with their character portrayals. From romance to Sci Fi Novels, all genres of storytelling have been explored in Italian novels. Some of the famous novels that bring out Italy in all its glory are;

Depicting the eighteenth century golden era, this popular romance novel tells a poignant story of a forgotten love. The storyline traces a series of letters found in the attic of the Grand Canal. This popular romance novel takes you back in time when Venice was rules by masked men and beautiful ladies. Written by Andrea Di Robilant, this book is a must read for timeless romantics.

Written by Christopher Castellani, this novel set in Italy depicts the world of war and the many ruins that were created by it. Considered to be a self narrative book of a soldier, it traces his love story and his war experiences.

The beautiful landscapes of Tuscany are portrayed with passion in this romantic fantasy book. Considered to be suspense novel also, this book tells the tale of three American's in a crumbling town. The strong cultural and artistic backgrounds of Tuscany are given importance in this adorable story.

Written by one of the prominent novelists of our time, Ernest Hemingway is a true twentieth century literature book. From the genre of romance, this popular romance novel has an engaging plot with special referenced to Italian bars, restaurants, and cultural places. Portraying Italy in some of its most intense periods, this novel brings out the best of all that Italy has to offer.

Considered to be one of the greatest villains of the era, this historic novel set in Italy tells the story of Alexander VI and his notorious tales. Lucrezia and his family is a bunch of colorful characters that add life into the book. The Italian countryside and the beautiful city of Rome is captured in enchanting words and makes you wish you were there.

Once you read these books, you definitely feel like visiting the country of Italy. If you need help in finding a reliable tour company, then your search ends here – Perillo Tours!
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Once you read these novels set in Italy, you definitely feel like visiting the country of Italy. If you need help in finding a reliable Italy tour company, then your search ends here – Perillo Tours!

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