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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tuscany - A Region Ripe With Choice

Many towns, such as San Gimignano, were enclos...Image via Wikipedia<a class="zem_slink" href="" title="Tuscany" rel="homepage">Tuscany</a> - A Region Ripe With Choice
By Giovanni Balboni

In Tuscany, villa rental isn't just a convenient way of taking a holiday - it's about sampling a way of life. Booking a villa means being able to immerse yourself entirely into the Italian lifestyle and see how the locals live - and why they love it so much!
Urban delights
For many people, the first image that springs to mind when the word Tuscany is mentioned, is that of ancient history and sophisticated cities. That's perfectly understandable, and unless you have strolled around the medieval streets of Siena, the ancient towers of San Gimignano, or watched the sun set from a Florentine piazza, it's very difficult to claim that you've seen Italy.

Of course, Tuscany's cities are not just about leaning towers and venerably antiquarian architectures - they are also great centres of learning and culture, with names like The Uffizi of Florence being synonymous with high artistic endeavor. It's worth remembering that the Renaissance is generally agreed to have started in the Florence of the 14th century.
Rural tradition
Yet Tuscany isn't just stonework and high artistic endeavor. The countryside of this region is an enchanting mixture of hills, valleys, plains and rural cultures. The plural is intentional, as sometimes driving just a few miles will take you into an area that looks and feels quite different to the one you have just left. It is this heart of Tuscany that beats so strongly in contributing incomparable ingredients to the region's gastronomy. Tasting the fresh game, incredible soups and stews, plus the variations on pasta dishes that you never even knew existed, is a sheer delight. In Tuscany, villa rental will allow you to live alongside these great rural traditions and literally live them - oh, and don't forget the famous wines!
Sea and sky
As people wax lyrical about the countryside and cities of Tuscany, it's sometimes overlooked that there is a huge and very beautiful coastline to explore. If you like wilderness, peace and a sense of grandeur, try the area around Monte Argentario. If you prefer some superb seafood with great beaches, you can take a boat over to Elba - Napoleon's first place of exile prior to making his last bid for glory at Waterloo. As you would expect, the coastline also means that fish dishes abound. You may wish to try the squid ink pasta, if you like your pasta an odd colour somewhere between dark blue and black!
Tuscany, villa rental and choice
Renting a villa in Tuscany provides you with the ultimate in freedom and choice. You may wish to be based in the mountains, near to one of the great cities or perhaps somewhere on or close to the coastal regions. A very wide range of options is available to cater for all pockets and objectives. The best thing is that, in Tuscany, villa rental isn't just for the well-heeled. Turn your day dreams into reality, and book yourself into the Tuscan lifestyle.
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