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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tuscany for Nature Enthusiasts

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By Giovanni Balboni

Tuscany is a region of Italy most notably recognised for its influence in the world of art and music. However, the prolific nature of the art that emerges from Tuscany must suggest there is something truly inspirational about the region, something sown into the proverbial soil. This is, of course, the country's natural landscape and the inspirational, captivating sights that it offers.

Holidays to Tuscany can take many forms, with the more common one being a stay in one of Tuscany's exquisite villas. In Tuscany, however, it can be hard at times to select the right type of activity for you or your family with so much to choose from! Luckily, the natural beauty of Tuscany has the perfect answer; the region is surrounded by sea and mountains and in between is countryside made up of diverse vegetation and wildlife. Villas in Tuscany are often situated amongst such landscape, so on arrival you will already have had a small taste of the sights that are in store. But it is worth going a little further afield to see all of the diverse natural attractions that the region has on offer.
In total, there are 12 nature parks in Tuscany. If you are an avid nature enthusiast it is certainly worth taking a trip to see at least some of these parks. In many cases villas in Tuscany will be located near to the parks presenting an opportunity for a pleasant day out.
The Maremma Natural Park is one such location. The park encompasses a coastal area that stretches from Principina a Mare to Talamone - it was named a Natural Park in 1975. The area is rich with forest vegetation and is surrounded by marshes, cultivated fields and grazing lands. The park presents an excellent environment for a delightful nature walk along the River Ombrone that runs through it, and there are numerous areas of unspoiled nature that you and your family will have the chance to come across. In terms of wildlife, the park is home to deer, roe, wild boar, foxes, skunks, squirrels and various other species.
Another location that boasts equal, if not greater, spectacles of beauty is the Natural Park of Migliarino-San Rossore-Massaciuccoli. The park stretches over a territory of around 24,000 hectares (equivalent to 2400,000,000 metres squared). The area offers a tapestry of different scenes, including beaches, pine grove woodlands and areas interspersed with Holm Oak and other trees. This park offers guides to navigate you to the best spots quickly, with the additional option of venturing out with a tour. Either way, a walk through the park will guarantee an invigorating experience, whether it is a simple romantic walk with a partner or a more family orientated day trip out from your villas in Tuscany.
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