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Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 Attractions in Rome, Italy for Food Lovers

RomeImage by ryarwood via Flickr5 Attractions in Rome, <a class="zem_slink" href=",12.4833333333&spn=10.0,10.0&q=41.9,12.4833333333%20%28Italy%29&t=h" title="Italy" rel="geolocation">Italy</a> for Food Lovers

By James Burrows

With food playing such a significant role in Italian culture it is natural that when you visit the country you will want to experience some of the best attractions on offer in this respect. Rome is the capital city of Italy and the food culture is certainly represented extremely well in the restaurants, shops and other attractions around the city. Below are some of the best attractions in Rome for food lovers to experience:
Campo Dei Fiori Food Market - This traditional Italian marketplace is certainly not the place to shop for cheap souvenirs. The market is renowned for its high quality produce and there is a price to pay to acquire these goods. The price is well worth paying however if you are a fan of top of the range food products, especially bread. The market has a reputation for offering the best bread in the area.

Good Food and Railway Museum - This museum is the perfect way to experience some of the best food products in the area as well as soaking up some local culture. The museum is located in the area of Rome where a significant amount of fighting took place during the Second World War. The display of trains and war memorabilia is complemented by the Osteria Il Bersagliere which boasts a selection of fabulous local food produce which is high quality but pleasantly affordable.
Antica Pesa restaurant - The Antica Pesa restaurant is steeped in history and has played a significant role in the history of Rome over the least few centuries. As well as serving glorious food, the restaurant is also a regular spot for celebrities and people of importance who visit the Antica Pesa to sample traditional, seasonal dishes.
Restaurant Mirabelle - The Michelin Star is the highest accolade which can be bestowed on a restaurant, so the fact that Restaurant Mirabelle has been awarded a Michelin Star serves as a testament to the quality of food which is served here. Located on the 7th floor of the Hotel Splendide Royal Rome, the restaurant offers magnificent and breathtaking views of the city.
Glass Restaurant Srl - Ristorante - This is an attraction to please the modernist. The largely glass construction affords the restaurant a contemporary feel which is unrivalled within the city. The food served matches the extravagance of the building, to the extent that the restaurant has been awarded a Michelin Star.
James spends a lot of time in Rome, Italy and especially loves the local foods and wines. James also promotes Vatican apartments and Spanish Steps accommodation for tourists in Italy.

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